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Gunboat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Credits screen

DOS version

Title screen
Credit Screen
Enter your name ...
Mission Briefing
Equip your Gunboat
Bow Gunner's Station
The "Bridge" ... Captains station
Midship Gunner's Station
Enemy spotted ...
Stern ( Rear ) Gunner's Station

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Main menu
Beginning a training mission in Vietnam
Selecting the boat's weapons
Viewing a map

ZX Spectrum version

After a long time loading the game displays this screen. It starts with the word Accolade and then a bullet cuts through it
After the Accolade screen loading the game displays this screen - must be the gun boat at night. Credits are displayed along the bottom edge
Game menu
Pilot practice. This allows the player to drive around a bit
While driving around the boat comes under heavy and sustained fire. It seems to get hit every few seconds. Fortunately these messages are followed by a 'No Damage Possible' message
There's a target ahead, looks like a gun emplacement, and the river is lit by a searchlight
Gunnery practice starts here
The gun must be swung around to find a target. The boat moves up and down in the water and shots sometimes land to the left/right of where they're expected to
Still practicing under fire. Still 'No damage possible'
Target destroyed!
Ahead is a gun emplacement and some sampans
Grenade practice starts here
Grenade practice is much the same as gunnery practice - the difference being that fewer hits are needed to demolish a target
At the start of the game the player must enter their name
This leads to the player id &rank screen
The default position for the captain's pencil is 'Redo'
The outline plot of the game - basically spread terror and kill everything
Mission selection coming up
Mission 1 : This is completely unexpected!
Mission 2 : This is what we signed up for. Nice to be invulnerable first time out
The map screen. The mission is to navigate the rivers to a point north-west of centre. The boat is the little cross at the bottom right.
There's an 'Identify target' key. The boat I've been shelling is a PBR, better stop that
From here the game plays just as in the practice sessions. navigate the river with land & enemies on both sides, shoot them, get to destination, shoot that...

Official Screenshots

  • Gunboat Screenshot
  • Gunboat Screenshot
  • Gunboat Screenshot
  • Gunboat Screenshot
  • Gunboat Screenshot