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Atari Asteroids

Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
The embassy and its surroundings. X marks the spots where you can position your snipers.
The first sub-game: The snipers have to get to their target positions without being detected by the moving spotlights.

Amstrad CPC version

Opening sequence: an unmarked car pulls up...
Title screen
X marks where your snipers are to be posted
Now you are Delta
Your snipers must avoid the searchlight while scrambling for their positions
Your sniper is displayed on the map

Apple IIgs version

Title and menu
Hiding in a doorway to avoid being spotted.
Duck to avoid the searchlight.
One of my men is in position
Loading the next scenario...
More men arrive by helicopter...

Atari ST version

From the intro
Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Get your team members safely to the marks
Two snipers in position
Officer down, officer down
Cut scene
Tactical map
Ready to fire
Entering the building
Inside the building
Terrorist ahead
In a corridor, stairs leading down and bullet holes in the wall
A green, empty room
Mission over?

BBC Micro version

Loading screen.
Title page.
Level 1: Running (the wrong way) ahead of the searchlight.
Mike has been shot dead.
Now starting level 2.
Level 2: Starting to abseil down the side of the building.
About to enter the building through a window.

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen with Terrorists in car
Introduction Story is scrolling
Title Screen with S.W.A.T.
Main Menu with scrolling title
Your mission
Delta is starting to set in position
Delta was shot
Delta is in Position
Echo near Hot Club
Echo is jumping in Position
Mike on the street
Disposing three other S.W.A.T. members
Descending from the roof
Terrorist is in the window
The window is clear...You may break it up.
Breaking the window
Inside Embassy
Terrorist is trying to escape your shots
Mission was failed this time

DOS version

Title and menu (EGA)
Hostages title screen (European release)
Stage I
Hiding in a window to avoid being seen (EGA).
You can utilize open doors to avoid being spotted (EGA).
Loading the next mission (EGA).
More men arrive by helicopter (EGA).
Snipers in position, select a unit to command (EGA).
Sniping; do I have a target? (EGA)
Scaling the side of the building (EGA).
Uh oh, mission failed! (EGA)
Title and menu (CGA)
Mission briefing (CGA)
Duck to avoid the searchlight (CGA).
Hiding in a door to avoid being seen (CGA).
Ready for the next mission? (CGA)
More men arrive by helicopter (CGA).
Sniping... (CGA)
One of my men scales the wall (CGA).
The mission failed! (CGA)
Intro (CGA)
Jump over wall (CGA)
Life lost (CGA)

Electron version

Loading screen

NES version

Japanese title screen
Opening Sequence... an unmarked car pulls up...
Actual Title Screen
The plan of the Embassy. X's mark where the snipers will travel to
Getting to your sniper post is dangerous work. Avoid the spotlights
Hide behind objects when the spotlight gets too close
Sometimes Hiding isn't enough
A sniper has reached his position on the map
Phase 2 of the plan involves dropping soldiers on the roof
With all teams in place... things are ready to get done
Snipers aim their scopes at windows to take out lone enemies inside
The team on the roof scales down the side of the building looking for an empty room
Success! You have found a suitable window to crash through
Inside, things are shown in a maze like format. Technically it's 3rd person.
Your best plan is to sneak up on terrorists and dispose of them while they're alone
Don't shoot the hostages please

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen.
A short animation showing hooded guys leaving a car. This is followed by a scrolling message outlining the game plot 'An embassy has been overrun by terrorists ....
Followed by a scrolling message. 'An embassy has been overrun by a group of terrorists stop. Their demands are unacceptable stop. it is your job to free the embassy and the hostages....
A van then arrives, the game title assembles itself and the game displays a copyright window followed by the developer credits
Game control menu
The game starts with a map of the embassy and a scrolling mission briefing running across the top. The objective is to get 3 men into 3 locations, survey the embassy and intervene in the assault
Playing as operative Delta first
Delta comes out of the shadows and dives to avoid the search lights
Making a dash to the right
Successfully hidden in the next archway
On the move again
Caught in the spotlight....
... and therefore dead.
Delta angel?
Later - more progress was made by creeping
Hiding in another doorway
On the move again
Another doorway, Delta died again shortly after this

Official Screenshots

  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot
  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot
  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot
  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot
  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot
  • Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshot