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SNESGamePro (US) (May, 1994)
MLBPA Baseball is a good, no-frills baseball game, lacking only in graphics and the full licensing to be a true champion. It may be a better game for novices than it is for veterans, but there's still plenty of fun in this cart.
GenesisGamePro (US) (Aug, 1994)
EA Sports has come up with a brilliant encore to it's famed Tony LaRussa Baseball. Super sounds and smooth, easy controls could attract a whole new generation of video ballplayers.
GenesisGame Players (Aug, 1994)
As the title indicates, all the big-league players are included here, although there no MLB license. A wide variety of play options include exhibitions, league playoffs, 162-game seasonal play and the Series. And finally, four-player compatibility eliminates those nasty dugout clearing brawls over the controller.
SNESGame Players (Apr, 1994)
Arcade-style cart that focuses more on action than strategy. Large characters and fluid animations are a plus, but tough control and a lack of options hold this one back.
70 (May 01, 2008)
Taking these pros and cons into consideration, MLBPA Baseball reaches above average status. The game amounts to a worthy prelude to the oft-inconsistent Triple Play and MVP Baseball franchises. If a lifelike simulation is what you seek, flock to another baseball title released later in the life of the Genesis. But should you desire a quick, slightly arcadey baseball simulation, MLBPA Baseball will not disappoint.
MLBPA plays well and the four-player support is a plus. It's the poor animation and graphic inconsistencies - like balls clearly hit foul in the batter's view suddenly becoming fair in the fielding view - that hurt it most.
Incredible Mode 7 effects are the highlight of this sports cart. The problem here is the shots of the field are too narrow and confined, so you don't get the "big picture" that you should. Nonetheless, the game plays very well.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
All in all, MLBPA Baseball is a fine game to get for the casual baseball fan or one who wants a sports game that's quick to play and action-oriented. It doesn't break any new ground, but a lot of people might not care. It still is a disappointment to those expecting the same attention to detail Electronic Arts has shown with their other sports titles. Baseball addicts will have to keep waiting for their field of dreams.