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Critic Reviews

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Atari 8-bitRetro Game Reviews (May 31, 2017)
Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory hooks you in with its superb controls, stage design and game mechanics, and then throws in an extensive level editor to boot. The main challenge can initially seem a bit extreme which might put off impatient gamers, but those that stick with it will experience a wonderfully crafted puzzle-platformer.
The graphics are colorful but a little sketchy, probably to save memory for all the amazing things you can do in the Factory. No stinting with the music, though. Credited to Music by Paradise (a couple of composer/programmers in Hawaii) the theme to Mr. Robot is the greatest piece of original video game music since Shark, Shark. Greater, even. And longer. Except for the first shipment of disks which was rushed to market before the title screen was done, the music backs up some terrific animation of Mr. R strutting his stuff on a conveyor belt. Automation never looked so good.
Apple IIMicro 7 (Nov, 1984)
Vingt-deux niveaux pour ce classique du jeu d'escalade.
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic (Aug 22, 2005)
But what really sets Mr. Robot apart is its expert programming. The sprites are large and high-resolution, the platforms are rainbow-striped, the collision detection is crisp, and the control is outstanding. Unfortunately, one flaw practically ruins the whole game, and that is how your robot can only withstand very small drops. With platforms arranged at so many heights on each screen, it's a fine line between a safe jump and a lethal one, and too much trial and error is required to determine this. That's a shame, because otherwise Mr. Robot is an impressive effort.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (Apr, 1984)
Mr. Robot gehört zu den Computerspielen der neuen Art, in denen nichts abgeschossen werden muß, um zu gewinnen. Seine Besonderheit liegt jedoch darin, daß man eigene Screens entwickeln kann.