Written by  :  Multimedia Mike (19762)
Written on  :  Aug 03, 2005
Platform  :  NES
Rating  :  3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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Lolo is back with a cute little vengeance

The Good

I like this Adventures of Lolo sequel every bit as much as the first game. The game followed the familiar formula of having Lolo's Lala captured to provide the impetus for the hero to solve 50 new room-puzzles. This game adds a new twist in that at the end of each floor in the castle, Lolo actually has to exercise some agility and defeat a boss with brute force (in the form of egg shots).

I really enjoyed cruising through the levels of this game and seeing all the old characters/obstacles (Medusas, skulls, glee-full fire-breathing dragons, narcoleptic green cat creatures).

The Bad

The boss battles at the end of each floor confused me somewhat. They just seemed out of place in this pure puzzle game. The object of this game is supposed to be logical thinking. The agility test detracted from that somewhat.

The Bottom Line

You liked the first game, right? There is very little reason you would not enjoy the second game as much.