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A pretty good port of the excellent Windows 95 title - but, I said, PORT PlayStation David Mackenzie (48)
My most favorite adventure game. Windows Scott Monster (1014)
A surreal dreamland that prods your mind for the next click of the mouse. Windows bowser724 (29)
One of the freakiest games I've ever played. Windows Tomer Gabel (4646)

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PlayStation 10 3.4
Windows 98 4.1
Combined User Score 108 4.1

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WindowsEntertainment Weekly (Nov 29, 1996)
Although there's an adventure plot involving the nasty Klogg (a clay mound gone awry), you'll have a grand time just wandering through different rooms as the noodle-limbed hero, Klaymen—- a ducky-fied, barrel-chested version of that other TenNapel creation, Earthworm Jim. Granted, it's not Wallace and Gromit, but the low-tech look of the stop-action animation gives this high-tech game a comfy feel that warrants a visit.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Apr 29, 2009)
On many levels, the game is superior to more contemporary counterparts that may be technically superior. The claymation in this game is pure eye candy, and the artistry demonstrated in it alone is reason enough to give this game a try.
WindowsPC Games (Dec, 1996)
The results are inspiring. The Neverhood is in its own league for innovative entertainment value in adventure gaming. Put it on your list.
WindowsPlayback (2006)
To już koniec recenzji. Mam nadzieje, że po jej przeczytaniu chociaż trochę przekonalicie się do tej gry i (jeżeli ją kiedykolwiek dostaniecie) to spróbujecie w nią zagrać i zobaczyć jak bardzo mylnie ją ocenialicie (oceniacie). Ze względu na to, że gra nie ukazała się w Polsce nie dostaniecie jej w jakimkolwiek sklepie, jednak możecie ją od kogo odkupić. Po to są aukcje internetowe (ale tego chyba nie muszę Wam tłumaczyć). Możliwe także, że aktualnie nie znajdziecie kogo, kto odsprzedałby tą grę (ja szukałem i nie znalazłem:( ). W każdym razie polecam Neverhood całym sercem i jeli dysponowałbym jaką nagrodą dałbym ją włanie tej grze, za niezwykłą oprawę audio-wizualną, fabułę, a przede wszystkim za nowatorskie podejcie jej twórców. Gdy uda Wam się ją dostać w swoje ręce nie rzucajcie jej od razu w kąt, a przekonacie się jaka wspaniała w rzeczywistoci jest.
In conclusion, Dreamworks Interactive's first game is a remarkable success. The immersiveness of claymation, and the excellent score and game play is infectious and addicting. The worst problem with this game is that it ends.
Take an ambitious design team willing to take risks (and each of which is probably a touch bent), add a bevy of ridiculous characters and three tons of clay. Mix well...and you'll find The Neverhood. If you don't play another adventure game this year, play this one. It's a touch of clay that's good for the soul.
And it also stands its ground and on its own merits as a really fine piece of cartoon and animation work as well. All of these things combined put it head and shoulders above most other adventure games and make it (quite rightly) a classic that collectors lust after.
WindowsJust Adventure (1998)
"Embark on a clay adventure that breaks the mold." This quote appears on the box of the adventure game The Neverhood. I almost missed out on this adventure for two reasons: (1) I thought it was a kid's game. I somehow missed the statement on the box "for ages 17 and up." (2) Even if it was for adults, I thought, "how good can a game using claymation be?" It turns out the answer to that question is, "it can be one of the best!" I did eventually play the game and found it to be an excellent adventure, and it remains one of my favorites today.
WindowsCD-Action (Jun, 1997)
Neverhood wzbudził we mnie entuzjazm swą niecodziennością i radosnym podejściem do życia. Patrząc obiektywnie nie jest to gra nadmiernie oryginalna, odkrywcza, rozbudowana czy miażdżąca konkurencję (może poza tą “plastelinkowatością”). Lecz jej grywalność jest wręcz niewymierna, poczucie humoru zabijające (10 punktów w skali 1-10), a realizacja niemalże perfekcyjna. Stąd z czystym sumieniem polecam ją każdemu, kto nie ma na czole wypisane “100% czysty maruda”. Będziecie szczęśliwi.
WindowsReset (Jun, 1997)
Granie w NEVERHOOD to niesamowite przeżycie. W tę grę włożono tony pracy i widać, że twórcy nie chodzili na skróty. Scenografii nie generował komputer - została ulepiona z gliny i pomalowana. Główny bohater był animowany ręcznie, podobnie jak Miś Uszatek: klatka po klatce. Tradycyjna metoda jest dosyć żmudna - zdjęcie, drobna zmiana w ułożeniu nóg i rąk, następne zdjęcie - i tak w kółko. A w grze jest 50.000 klatek animacji! Pojęcie „Kolos na glinianych nogach'' nabiera zupełnie nowego znaczenia.
WindowsQuandary (Jan, 1997)
Neverhood is a 'novelty' game if ever there was one. It's quirky and quaint with one of the cutest characters around. So it doesn't have an inventory and the cursor is limited so your control is limited, but somehow I found it in my heart to forgive these 'shortcomings'. It's so visually captivating it's one of those games where it's not a good idea to load it up and show it off to your visitors to introduce them to computer game playing, because you'll never get rid of them.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Oct 23, 2003)
Overall, The Neverhood stands out as one of the most unique, charming, fun and original adventure games I have ever played. My only complaint (other than the minor graphics problems I already mentioned) is that it is simply too damned short! Of course, I say this partly because the game was so fun I never wanted it to end. But even by objective standards, it is not a long game.
90 (Jun 11, 1999)
The Neverhood Chronicles, a highly creative graphical adventure from DreamWorks Interactive, uses claymation in place of the more commonly found computer-generated or hand-drawn visuals. The resulting effect is captivating and combined with the original musical score, quirky characters, and clever logical puzzles--makes The Neverhood Chronicles is highly worth recommending.
WindowsComing Soon Magazine (Feb, 1997)
Dreamworks has recently made possible the release of three new games into the game market. One of these three is The Neverhood. This is a brain-busting adventure game with over sixty puzzles, many rooms to explore and hidden trap doors in the classic "Zork" genre. However, any further resemblance to anything made before this simply does not exist. Exclusive use of clay animation gives The Neverhood a visual look that is unique. The game features dozens of photo-realistic environments, a load of hilarious animated characters created with over 50,000 frames of stop-action animation, and an engaging, quirky story line.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark) (1997)
Neverhood er et svært spil. Ind i mellem er man tvunget til at skrive meget ned, og ofte er man nødt til at gentage bestemte ting flere gange. Kan du leve med det, bør du dog købe spillet straks!
WindowsGame Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
Overall, the Neverhood Chronicles is a fantastic escape from reality. It's not for those who need to bash some skulls in for fun or the fast-paced gamer types. It is for anyone who loves bizarre comedy and witty puzzles. You cannot die in the Neverhood Chronicles except for one place that clearly states that "You will die if you jump in here"(and it's a pretty funny end too).
82 (Sep 01, 2006)
People who enjoy a good puzzle game may be somewhat disappointed, though, since this game is out of print, which is a shame for such a great game. The hard work that was put into this may have not been worth it financially, but certainly critically it is an extremely fantastic achievement and worth every bit of plasticine stuck in the grooves of your shoe. They obviously set out to make a great game, and they succeeded. Filled with crazy humour and (although few) quirky characters, this game is worth the 1/3 of your pay cheque which you may have to pay finding this on eBay. Oh and prepare to have to create for yourself a makeshift wig out of toilet paper, ass hair and some ordinary household bleach, for this game will compel you to rip your scalp to shreds. But that is a small price to pay for a truly amazing game.
PlayStationJoypad (Oct, 1998)
Extraordinaire, long, beau, profond et à mourir de rire, ce soft ne verra certainement jamais le jour chez nous. Dommage, c'est un petit bijou à se procurer pour ceux qui aiment les jeux genre Baphomet en plus drôle.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 1996)
For all that, the Neverhood is a delightful world to explore, with beautiful animation, slapstick cartoon comedy and colorful personalities like a giant teddy bear-loving, martial-artist robot named Bil. Eve the music- a mix of Dixieland and blues – is on target, accenting the story with homespun charm. If you can stomach the kind of gameplay where sometimes the only thing to do is trudge from one location to another to accomplish a task, THE NEVERHOOD CHRONICLES provides a warm, fuzzy and wholly original diversion.
WindowsFZ (Dec 16, 2006)
Det är alltid svårt att sätta betyg, med The Neverhood är det extra svårt. Att bedöma grafik och ljud med dagens normer är inte rättvist. Det fungerar inte att dissekera ett tio år gammalt spel och värdesätta de olika delarna. Istället får jag anamma min grundprincip; har jag kul med spelet? Svaret är "ja" och jag uppskattar rolighetsgraden till ungefär 4 av 5 och hur många FZ-logotyper är därmed lätt uträknat. Varför får spelet inte där sista poängen? Helt enkelt för att det i vissa stunder är för svårt, för komplicerat. Det är dock inget som hindrar mig från att rekommendera detta spel för alla som växte upp i klickbara världar där logiken kommer och går med ett leende på läpparna.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jan, 1997)
So spaßig The Neverhood auch ist: das lineare Design und kleinere technische Schwächen trüben das Vergnügen zuweilen. So wirken die Animationen auch auf einem High-End-PC nicht ganz flüssig, und kurioserweise lief die Preview-Fassung auf dem Testrechner stabiler als die Endversion. Aufgrund seiner Andersartigkeit und seines abgefahrenen Humors ist The Neverhood aber auf jeden Fall einen Blick wert.
WindowsPC Joker (Feb, 1997)
Richtig übel ist uns das Memory aufgestoßen, wo ein einziger Fehler beim Umdrehen der 48 Teile genügt, um wieder von vorne anfangen zu müssen. Ansonsten versucht man sich an Schiebepuzzles, spuckt Wasser in Röhren, bis diese die korrekte Türöffnungsmelodie spielen, merkt sich Farben oder Symbole und dergleichen mehr. Bei Hängern hilft Klaymens Briefkasten mit Tips fürs weitere Vorgehen. In Tateinheit mit der simplen Steuerung ist The Neverhood also ruckzuck durchgespielt, und es bleibt ein schaler Nachgeschmack: Die ungewöhnliche Präsentation hätte mehr als dieses höchst gewöhnliche Gameplay verdient.
WindowsPower Play (Jan, 1997)
Welch eine haarsträubende Verschwendung! Da kneten die einschlägig vorbelasteten Neverhood-Debütanten eine sowohl im Standbild als auch in der Bewegung fantastisch aussehende Comic-Welt, nur um sie dann mit Puzzles aus der untersten Rätselheftschublade vollzustopfen. Sieht man von einigen ultraidiotischen Stellen (z.B. dem Mäuselabyrinth) ab, stecken in “The Neverhood“ gerade mal genügend spielerische Herausforderungen für zwei Nachmittage. Farben-, Symbol- und Melodienrätsel sowie die Evergreens Memory und Schiebepuzzle kommen wieder einmal zu Ehren, kompliziertere Problemstellungen wären mit einem Minimalinterface, das weder Inventar noch konkrete Kommandos kennt, ja auch gar nicht machbar. Liebhaber des typischen Earthworm-Jim-Flairs werden noch halbwegs angetan sein, wer ein gutes Adventure sucht, ist aber gerade momentan, wo es u. a. mit “Toonstruck“ und “Discworld 2“ wieder reichlich erstklassigen Stoff gibt, mit diesem Leichtgewicht nicht optimal beraten.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Dec, 1996)
Vor dem Fall in die Zwei-Sterne-Kategorie rettet Neverhood Chronicles einzig und allein die geniale Präsentation. Der in sich stimmige Look ist eine wahre Augenweide und deklassiert die Standard-3D-Render-Bildchen, die uns achtzig Prozent aller anderen Adventures heutzutage andrehen. Klaymen ist ein toller Charakter, aber Willi Trombose stiehlt ihm eindeutig die Show. Alles in allem beiße ich die Zähne zusammen und löse die gemeinen Puzzles, weil der Rest vom Spiel so interessant ist - das hat 11th Hour nicht geschafft. Bitte eine Fortsetzung und die dann mit richtigem Spiel!
WindowsGameSpot (Oct 24, 1996)
Published by DreamWorks Interactive, whose founders include former Disney animated film honcho Jerry Katzenberg, Stephen Spielberg, and David Geffen, it is hard not to expect a certain level of widespread accessibility for young and old players alike, along the lines of that perennial mega best-seller, Myst. But as with certain unsatisfactory films such as Casino, whose actors mesmerize us, and whose locations and sets and cinematography transport us to another place and time, the plot ultimately distracts us from ever reaching total absorption. The Neverhood would have benefited from a tighter, more attainable script.
WindowsHigh Score (Feb, 1997)
Neverhood har det mesta som man kan önska sig av ett bra spel; väldigt bra grafik, helskön musik och en lagom portion charm. Tyvärr saknar spelet något ganska väsentligt, nämligen underhållning.