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Dementium II Credits

79 people (72 developers, 7 thanks)

Created by Renegade Kid

Game DirectorJools Watsham
ProducerJools Watsham
Art DirectorGregg Hargrove
Technical DirectorBob Ian Ives
DesignJools Watsham, Stephen Dupree
ArtGregg Hargrove, Noah Li, Chip Patterson
ProgrammingBob Ian Ives, Andrew Brown
WritingGreg Wilson, Jools Watsham, Gregg Hargrove
MusicGareth Vilday, Jools Watsham
Sound EffectsJools Watsham
Voice ActingJools Watsham, Gregg Hargrove, Suzanna Watsham, Pat Hargrove, Chris Brower
Additional ArtJools Watsham, Stephen Dupree, Erik McKenney, Adam Schuman
Very Special ThanksSuzanna, Sammy & Spencer, Pat Hargrove, Arancha Moya, Abby Brown, Michael Veroni
Very Special AppreciationDementium Fans [that's you!]

Southpeak Games US

Chief Executive OfficerMelanie Mroz
Chief Accounting OfficerReba McDermott
SecretaryGreg Phillips

Business Development

VP of Business DevelopmentChris Lax
Director of Corporate DevelopmentScott Silverman
VP of OperationsPatrice Strachan
Director of OperationsEric Bradford

Product Development

Executive ProducerDavid Dienstbier
Senior ProducerHoward Perlman
ProducerJohn F. Kaiser III

Quality Assurance

QA ManagerJason Dickson
Production Control ManagerKeith Weber
Customer SupportAaron Willis
LeadsJordan Sindelar, Brian Cope, Bobbi Fluhart, Chris Watkins
TestersNick Durant, Brian Steele, Joshua White, Anthony King, Marc Porto, Timothy Hartgrave, Patrick Barrett, Jon Smallwood, Joshua G. Knoblauch
Extra SupportEric Norris, Richard Terrell, Paul Dunn, Mason Gooch, Douglas Coakley, Brandon Holmes, Carlos Venegas, Shale Williams, Mikell Green


VP of North American SalesBrian Garrison
Regional Sales ManagerLaura Franzen
Channel Marketing CoordinatorMaegan Eason
Sales Support CoordinatorJaclyn Pellock


VP of MarketingRichard Iggo
Product Marketing ManagerAubrey Norris
Asset CoordinatorGeoff Blair
Assistant Product ManagerBlake Hockenbrough
Event CoordinatorJonathan Rosales

Creative Services

VP of Creative ServicesScott Jenkins
Art DirectorOmar Mejia
Traffic ManagerLeah Windom
Multimedia ProducerDaniel Ford
Web DeveloperEric Lorentz
Graphic DesignerAndria Phillips
Project CoordinatorJosh Hoover

Southpeak Games EU

European Managing DirectorJonathan Hales
European Sales DirectorFelix Bradshaw
European PR ManagerRob Burman
UK Sales ManagerSimon Cowley
Product Marketing ManagersEd Blincoe, Sarah Brockhurst
PR ExecutiveVictoria Smith
Marketing ExecutiveVictoria Smith

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Jason Dickson, 25 other games
Chris Watkins, 24 other games
Sarah Brockhurst, 21 other games
Aubrey Norris, 20 other games
Greg Wilson, 20 other games
John F. Kaiser III, 19 other games
Gregg Hargrove, 17 other games
Brian Cope, 15 other games
Keith Weber, 15 other games
Chip Patterson, 14 other games
Adam Schuman, 14 other games
Jordan Sindelar, 13 other games
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Omar Mejia, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (250881)