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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.2
Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Retro Gamer (Feb 01, 2007)
I utterly adore the 2D graphics in this. Believe us when we say that every minute we were gleefully laughing at a new comedy outfit or animation of Kirby's. One particularly mirth-some moment was when he acquired the magician's hat, and, when starting to run, would lift his chubby little arms up to hold it in place. An adorable title.
PlayDevil (Oct 16, 2007)
Whilst it is disappointing to see no multiplayer at all (hot-seat sub-games anyone? At least!), "Kirby Mouse Attack" is an often hilarious, fun to play and pretty good looking platformer with a lot of charm. You'll be smiling when you play it, and that in itself is no small achievement. The short levels are perfect for short bursts, and the gameplay is also suited for on-the-go action. The difficulty level is perhaps slightly kid-friendly, but neither is the game so easy that it becomes boring. The only downside is perhaps the lack of replay value, much of which comes from the lack of multiplayer.
UOL Jogos (Jan 22, 2007)
"Kirby Squeak Squad" é um "Kirby" tradicional, que segue a fórmula clássica da série. Não traz nenhuma inovação, mas a diversão é sólida. É voltado especialmente para quem tem menos idade, como tem sido o público-alvo da franquia. Mas alguns mais crescidinhos também não devem resistir aos encantos da bolotinha rosa.
Cubed3 (Jun 23, 2007)
Back when HAL began working with Capcom’s Flagship on Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, using a slant on the Zelda Four Swords game, people were sceptical. But it worked out splendidly. Now the two teams are back with a straight-up, traditional Kirby that blows all past entries out of the water. This is by far the most impressive and well-rounded adventure the pink puffball has ever been in…Hopefully Mouse Attack will be Kirby's break-through hit in Europe!
GamePro (US) (Nov 28, 2006)
The only thing we didn't like about Squeak Squad is that it's a tad on the easy side. To say that it's forgiving is an understatement. Food, which replenishes your health, is readily available and the bosses don't put up much of a challenge. Also, the cartoonish visual style might turn off more mature gamers who like their games to have a little hair on their chests. But there is no denying the ineffable charm of this title and gamers looking to give their DS a workout should gobble this one up like it was made of sweet, sweet candy.
IGN (Dec 05, 2006)
Kirby Squeak Squad is nothing spectacular if you're looking at it as a creative new way to experience the classic Kirby gameplay. Especially if you're just coming off of the very original Canvas Curse. But it's still a solid and fun evolution of the HAL platform style, with some clever puzzles and cool new enemies and moves. The multiplayer battle mode's pretty slick, too.
Kirby's return to tradition didn't wow me like his first DS roll in the hay. Still, while I might argue with his methods, no one can dispute the results - everybody likes to end their day with a piece of cake.
Kirby Squeak Squad is no Canvas Curse, but it’s another great platform effort for the DS and yet another solid Kirby title. Though they seem to come out by the year, Kirby games always generate some excitement with younger crowds (partially thanks to the television series) and I’d imagine that age group will really enjoy this title as much as the others. One might notice that I gave Kirby Squeak Squad the same score as I gave Yoshi’s Island DS. Both are solid DS platformers, and I’d say they’re interchangeable–if you’re into the Kirby series, check out Kirby. If you’re into the classic Yoshi’s Island, try that one. If you want to try both, by all means, it’s no mistake on your part. Despite its shortcomings, Kirby is a fun game that joins New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi’s Island DS for a very solid trio of Nintendo platform games.
GameSpot (Dec 05, 2006)
If you prefer a bit more meat to your platformers and want more challenge than what an easy, breezy game like this one provides, then you may find yourself over and done with Kirby Squeak Squad very, very quickly. However, those who don't mind the relative simplicity and short story may end up addicted to playing around with Kirby's various copy abilities and replaying stages over and over again to track down every hidden chest and item. Overall, the game is cute enough and features enough clever gameplay ideas to keep you entertained, even while you're bowling over easygoing enemies at a breakneck pace.
76 (Jul 13, 2007)
Wem schon Yoshi's Island DS zu süß war, der wird hier einen Zuckerschock erleiden: Kirby ist so putzig und liebenswert, würde das Spiel auf allen Fernsehern der Welt gleichzeitig laufen, hätten sich alle Menschen lieb! Leider birgt die schnuffige Hülle ein ziemlich anspruchsloses Spiel, das wirklich nur Gelegenheitszockern und Einsteigern empfohlen werden kann - sowie Spielern, die sich nach dem Gameboy-Kirby zurücksehnen und mit dem Stylus-Erstling nicht viel anfangen konnten. Wer's ein wenig herausfordernder mag, findet gerade auf dem DS mehr als genug kompetente Alternativen.
75 (Mar 30, 2007)
The strengths in this game come from its simplicity. It is done right. However the short story mode may disappoint some people. You can go back and replay any of the levels that you enjoyed and try to find more stuff and hidden areas. There is some re-playability with that. The game has it's clever moments, and it is mainly all about the cute. If you want a game that is going to give you the instant gratification factor, and brighten up an other wise dull time while waiting for the bus, then this game is for you. It is also fine for little kids and there is little or no reading needed like there is in Pokemon and Animal Crossing. I give Kirby (vs. the) Squeak Squad a 7.5 out of 10.
Lawrence (Dec 11, 2006)
While it may not last very long, Squeak Squad should certainly please fans of the series. It’s not quite as good as Canvas Curse, however, and this throwback title is more of a step backwards than forwards in terms of utilizing the DS.
75 (Aug 22, 2007)
Kirby Mouse Attack means old-skool Kirby fun. For those of you who nostalgically think back of the old Nintendo consoles.
Nintendo Life (Mar 26, 2009)
Kirby Squeak Squad doesn't break any new ground, and it plays it safe for the most part throughout the short length of the experience. Still, it's an excellent little platformer, and one of the best games I've played on my Nintendo DS in a while. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it still feels surprisingly refreshing due to the quality packed into it. It's sometimes difficult to keep myself interested in a game from start to finish, but thankfully Squeak Squad was enjoyable enough to accomplish that. Partly due to its short length? Perhaps, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. Kirby may appear childish, but his games are nothing short of amazing, and Squeak Squad is no exception.
70 (Jun 27, 2007)
Pour son deuxième jeu sur la console DS, Kirby revient à ses premières amours. Ce nouveau titre, Kirby Mouse Attack, est en effet un jeu de plate-forme classique qui abandonne presque complètement le tout-tactile du précédent opus Kirby Power Paintbrush. En revanche, les deux écrans de la DS sont parfaitement exploités tant dans l’aventure principale que dans les mini-jeux qui l’accompagnent.
70 (Jun 22, 2007)
A l'inverse de Kirby : Power Paintbrush, ce nouvel épisode n'apporte rien de véritablement nouveau à la série. Cela dit, le titre parvient tout de même à nous offrir des séquences de plates-formes particulièrement fun, pour peu que l'on cherche à en extirper la substantifique moelle. En effet, Kirby : Mouse Attack, très facile et très court, comme ses congénères vidéoludiques d'ailleurs, n'a d'intérêt que si le joueur se montre patient et met un point d'honneur à dénicher tous les bonus. Et puis, ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'on peut planer en s'empiffrant vigoureusement.
Games TM (Jul, 2007)
Most notably, the level design in Kirby Mouse Attack is excellent. With three treasure chests to locate in each stage of each world, there is far more complexity here than a simple dash to the far right. In many ways, the cavernous level design here is reminiscent of Super Metroid. The unfortunate postscript to this praise is that, as with so many Kirby games, Kirby Mouse Attack is a shade too easy.
70 (Jul 04, 2007)
Met Kirby Mouse Attack verschijnt eindelijk weer een gewone 2D-platformgame voor de Nintendo DS. Het spel is op zich degelijk uitgewerkt, met verzorgde graphics en behoorlijk wat speciale krachten. Het is jammer dat de lage moeilijkheidsgraad en de balancering van de krachten wat te wensen over laat.
1UP (Dec 04, 2006)
Stomach issues and assumption of Japanese linguistic ability aside, however, Squeak Squad is the most complete conventional Kirby side-scroller in some time. Yes, it may not be a "killer app" like Canvas Curse, but it's not trying to be. In the end, it's essentially channeling 1996 in 2006 -- and it does that very well.
Yahoo! Games (Dec 08, 2006)
Kirby Squeak Squad doesn't reinvent the platform genre -- or even the Kirby games, for that matter. What it does offer is a solid, easy platformer that's colorful, fun, and full of variety. Kids and casual players should love it, but hardcore players may gulp it all down too fast and be left hungry for more.
Deeko (Dec 09, 2006)
It's fun, don't get me wrong, but gamers will have it 100% finished in about three hours and that's kind of sad. In the end, Kirby Squeak Squad is a decent game for fans and hardcore gamers, but an excellent choice for the under ten crowd. Kirby doesn't have to be the hardest game on the planet to be fun, but some kind of challenge would have been nice.
GameSpy (Dec 11, 2006)
Given the amount of great platformers appearing on the DS lately, Kirby Squeak Squad has an awful lot of competition. It's definitely a great-looking and playing title, but its simplicity might turn off a lot of players. Still, there's a certain charm to Kirby titles that keeps me coming back for more. I will say this, though: if you're looking for a holiday present for a younger gamer and something like Yoshi's Island DS is too challenging (and that game does get tough), then Squeak Squad is the way to go. I can guarantee you that it's better than whatever game-based-on-a-live-action-Disney-Channel-series is sitting next to it on your store's shelf.
60 (UK) (Jun 22, 2007)
Those in desperate search of a new platform game after completing New Super Mario Bros. upside down and backwards might get a few hours' respite from this, but otherwise wait until it costs nothing and then buy it for the nephew you gave your old chunky DS when you decide you had to have a Lite, and maybe invest your money in some of the Virtual Console's retro treats instead.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 24, 2007)
When you're done with the charming but way-too-short story mode, there are a bunch of minigames for you to play alone or with up to three other players. Unfortunately, they aren't very good and don't add much value to the overall package. In fact, they're pretty much worth ignoring.

In many ways, Kirby Canvas Curse is like New Super Mario Bros. There's nothing all that new in terms of gameplay and the touchscreen use is minimal. That said, what is there is quite entertaining. Kirby Canvas Curse is a cute little game with colorful visuals, wonderful music, and fun gameplay. It's a shame the game is so short (you'll beat it in a day without much of an effort) and that the minigames feel tacked on. If the story mode were longer and more flushed out, this would have been up there with Kirby's greatest adventures. As it stands, it's still a pretty good and pretty fun one.
Game Revolution (Jan 05, 2007)
So there you have it, folks. Kirby manages to star in yet another passable game for a Nintendo system. No, Kirby Squeak Squad isn’t ground-breaking by any means, but hey, you could do a lot worse. And in today’s world, with all the junk out there, that’s mostly a compliment.