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If PS2s got scurvy, I could recommend this lemon. PlayStation 2 Terrence Bosky (5463)
AYE, I alike bein' a pirate! AYE, I like plundering! Hey, who's that woman captain... AYAYAYE! PlayStation 2 MAT (204702)
Extremly Underrated Game Xbox Giacomo (6)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 2 10 3.2
Xbox 10 3.1
Combined User Score 20 3.1

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XboxGame Chronicles (May 15, 2002)
Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is a great adventure game and one of only a few currently available for the Xbox. The excellent story, great graphics, inspiring music, and authentic pirate dialect will totally immerse you in this game. The lengthy and sometimes repetitive gameplay is broken up with a variety of quests, exotic locales, and new faces, as you travel the world in search of fame, fortune, revenge, and even love. This is one adventure you can't skip, so don't miss the boat.
XboxConsoles Plus (May, 2002)
Comme sur PS2, le jeu est assez joli et de plus en plus captivant au fil de l'aventure toujours aussi longue.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (Oct 14, 2006)
This Xbox version's graphics are noticeably more polished than the Playstation 2 version, and its crisp audio includes creaking boats hulls, exotic birds, resounding explosions, and a lively musical score. The save and load times are much better in this version as well. Those looking for realism will prefer Sid Meier's Pirates (Xbox, 2005), but gamers looking for non-stop action should check out this underrated adventure.
PlayStation 2Game industry News (GiN) (2002)
I started playing Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat on a PS2 and switched over to my Xbox just as soon as I could lay my hands on my own copy of this fantastic 3D adventure game. Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is a cross between a really good seafaring game and a really great third-person adventure game. And the best part for me was that the controls were almost exactly the same in both modes and over both platforms, so I could switch back and forth.
Overall, Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is fantastically fun. This is not a game that pushes the envelope by any measure, but as adventure games go, this is probably the best one out for the Xbox right now. The combination of graphics, sound, and an easy interface really makes for a lot of fun exploration. Westwood Studios brought all the right pieces together to make a great adventure and seafaring game that I rate at 4.5 GiN Gems.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Mar 14, 2002)
Pirates might lack graphical ?oomph,? but it?s fun, and that?s what games should be about. If you?re looking for adventure on the high seas, and a life in the Navy seems a bit out of your league, them maybe you should get into The Legend of Black Kat.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Mar 15, 2002)
While the game might at first seem like Lara Croft in a pirate suit, Pirates' great mix of excellent control, superb presentation, fun third-person action, and ship combat make it far more interesting than most of the third-person adventures hitting next gen systems. Pirates - the Legend of Black Kat takes a familiar theme and genre, and makes a fine high seas adventure out of what could have easily been a standard, mediocre clone. And that's no small feat.
XboxGame Over Online (Jun 14, 2002)
All in all, Black Kat is a solid platform title with a great premise, solid action, and a lot of replay value. With hidden artwork, costumes, and other secrets on top of the ship battle mode and story mode, there’s quite a lot to discover within this title. It also captures the spirit of both the old pirate movies, imparting a sense of heroism and roguishness within the player. Any gamer would be proud to join Kat’s crew or her adventures and bring the evil Captain Hawke to justice. So, matey, set sail fer a merchant, get yourself a copy, and bury it in yer Xbox. Ye won’t regret it.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (Sep 05, 2006)
Legend's graphics are only fair, with rigid character models, flat landscapes, and water that looks artificial, especially up close. The audio, on the other hand, is quite rich, with creaking boat hulls, booming cannons, exotic nature sounds, and even traditional pirate music. If you're looking for an action-packed adventure with a pirate theme, you can't go wrong with Legend of Black Kat.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Mar, 2002)
Any way you slice it, Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat offers a freewheeling world, fuzzy-but-attractive graphics, overall elegant production values and a main character you can root for, making it one of the best things to happen to the pirate genre in a long time.
Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat blends solid and fresh gameplay with great graphics and exceptional sound design to create a title that lets you relish life on the high seas. Casting you in the role of Katarina De Leon, you’ll swash and buckle your way through hostile islands populated with voodoo priests, giant apes and scummy pirates, always able to retreat to your ship where you’ll have to deal with broadsides combat and fort assaults. With plenty of ship upgrades, lots of environments to explore and a compelling, if somewhat linear, storyline to follow, The Legend of Black Kat proves to be one of the more seaworthy pirate games to ever sail onto a console.
XboxX-Power (Jul 17, 2002)
We hebben in deze review de verschillende elementen van dit spel afzonderlijk bekeken. In het spel lopen ze natuurlijk door mekaar en ik moet zeggen dat dit bijzonder goed werkt. De afwisseling behoedt het spel van verveling en bedekt voor een deel de zwakke punten van elk element afzonderlijk. Ook de sfeer die dit spel uitademt, vond ik een verademing. Tropische stranden, palmbomen, papagaaien,schatkisten en een stralende zon... je waant je op temptation island. De xbox heeft op dit moment te weinig adventure games. Pirates is zeker geen topper maar eerder een middelmatig spel. Toch vond ik het veel beter dan verwacht en Pirates heeft me uiteindelijk vele uren spelplezier opgeleverd. Voor de gamer die een spel wil waar hij eens stevig zijn tanden in kan zetten maar kan leven met de bij momenten repetitieve gameplay en de magere grafieken. Denk er alleen aan : de zomer is nog lang...
XboxGameZone (Apr 01, 2002)
This game looks terrific, sounds terrific and plays well. There is action; there is adventure; there is entertainment. Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat has some small quirks, but manages to overcome those and provides a great gameplaying time.
XboxGamePro (US) (Apr 29, 2002)
Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat follows the swashbuckling adventures of the aforementioned heroine as she engages in sea battles and treks on foot across mysterious islands to hunt down her father’s killer and to learn a few things about her legendary swashbuckling mother.
XboxGameSpot (Apr 04, 2002)
Pirates is, simply put, an endearing and well thought-out game. It's neither extremely innovative, nor technically impressive--rather, it's an especially well-executed example of a fairly common sort of game, and Xbox owners should be happy to see it appear on the platform. Its vast environments, endearing concept, and successful combination of two distinct types of gameplay--the seafaring and the on-foot swashbuckling--make Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat a solid and welcome addition to the 3D action adventure genre in general, one that you'd do well to check out for yourself.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Feb 20, 2002)
Though it isn't totally remarkable from a technical standpoint, Pirates is an endearing and well-thought-out game. Its vast environments, original concept, and successful combination of two distinct types of gameplay--the seafaring and the on-foot swashbuckling--make Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat a solid and welcome addition to the 3D action-adventure genre, one that you'd do well to check out for yourself.
PlayStation (Apr 04, 2002)
Die grundlegende Mischung aus Seeschlachten und herkömmlichen Action-Adventure-Elementen ist gewagt, gelungen und in dieser Form noch nicht da gewesen. Trotzdem wirkt Pirates eher wie ein ungeschliffener Diamant und offenbart viel Spielraum für Verbesserungen und Ergänzungen (das Entern und Kapern von Schiffen wäre zum Beispiel eine Möglichkeit). Die Grafik schwankt von hervorragend bis trist und das Spielprinzip wird spätestens nach der x-ten Inselgruppe zu eintönig. Dank der Story und der eingestreuten Items werden Freibeuter-Fans trotzdem eine Menge Spaß an Pirates - Legend of the Black Kat haben. Nicht gerade das erwartete Juwel, bietet Westwoods Karibik-Abenteuer gehobene und unkomplizierte Action-Adventure-Kost, die zwar nicht in den Spiele-Olymp vorstoßen wird, aber vor allem Einsteigern zahlreiche amüsante und unterhaltsame Spielstunden bieten wird.
76 (May 10, 2002)
Trotz gelungener Freibeuter-Atmosphäre und interessanter Grundideen ist Pirates keine wirkliche Konkurrenz zu Sid Meiers gleichnamiger 8Bit-Legende. Dafür ist der Spielablauf einfach zu monoton und linear. Vor allem die Landausflüge bieten trotz motivierender und auf der Xbox dank verbesserter Rumble-Funktion komfortablerer Schatzsuche wenig Abwechslung - Ausnahme: die taktischen Bosskämpfe. Wasserratten freuen sich hingegen über spektakulär inszenierte und auch spielerisch gehaltvolle Seeschlachten, die man in einem speziellen Spielmodus auch zu zweit erleben darf. Grafisch ist die Xbox-Version dem PS2-Pedant aufgrund realistischerer Wasserdarstellung und detaillierterer Texturen dezent überlegen, ansonsten gleichen sie sich jedoch bis auf das einfachere Aufspüren vergrabener Schätze wie ein Ei dem anderen.
XboxThe Next Level (Aug 21, 2002)
It may not be the ultimate pirate game, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. The game lags at points, but the moments where it shines are worth waiting for. Hopefully this is just the beginning of Kat's adventures.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Mar 20, 2002)
Pirates is a valiant effort on the part of Westwood but falls a little short. There are many solid adventure game elements but I would have liked to see a little bit stronger execution. Ship combat is great but once again, leaves a little bit to be desired. I feel that this game would be very much appreciated and enjoyed by a younger audience then myself. So if pirates and buried treasure are your thing, then go dig up Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat, otherwise you might want to leave it buried where it lies.
PlayStation 2IGN (Feb 25, 2002)
A decent but not an inspired game, Pirates The Legend of Black Kat is at least better than most pirate games. The sailing and combat aspects are incorporated well with one another, offering a neat combination of gameplay aspects. But it's clear that the adventure aspect takes the spotlight over the ship combat, and unfortunately, it's average stuff. The dialog is flat, the characters apt but not memorable, the fetch quests familiar but don't burn into your memory cells, and the combat is simplistic and leaves players wanting more.
PlayStation (Apr 23, 2002)
Zum einen spricht Pirates - The Legend of Black Cat Action-Adventure Fans mit Entdeckergeist an. Wer schon immer gerne aus der Third-Person-Perspektive ganze Welten erforscht hat, wird hier keinesfalls enttäuscht. Zum anderen bietet der Schiffsmodus ein spannendes Freibeutererlebnis. Es macht einfach Spaß unter der schwarzen Flagge gegnerische Kähne zu beharken, Hafenanlagen zu belagern und mit erbeuteten Schätzen sein Prachtschiff aufzumotzen - Schiffe versenken einmal anders!
PlayStation 2GameZone (Feb 26, 2002)
If you've got a penchant for pirates, or interesting female leads, you should go out and rent this title to see if you'd like to commit your PS2 time to Katarina and her adventures. It's also T rated, which allows for a wider range of buccaneer-fans to go on the adventure.
PlayStation (Mar 20, 2002)
Un jeu original mais dont l'action manque malheureusement de punch. La quête de Kat devient rapidement lassante par son manque de variété et ses combats pas toujours captivants, en dépit d'un gameplay qui mise sur deux tableaux pour tenter de casser le rythme de cette aventure.
XboxGame Critics (Mar 27, 2002)
Pirates: The Legend Of Black Kat is the story of a young firebrand named Katarina, and her quest for salty vengeance after her fathers death at the hands of evil rogues. The setting of the story features an interesting mix of classic swashbuckling elements, fantasy monsters and magic items. While the pirate theme itself isnt very common on consoles, what makes this title particularly noteworthy is that it was produced by Westwood Studios, more famous for their Real-Time Strategy titles under the Command & Conquer banner. However, Pirates is nothing but console-style action, unlike their other titles.
XboxGameSpy (May 09, 2002)
Pirates is a great game for beginners. It's simple, the game guides players along the proposed path, and the water visuals will impress most anyone. The community of people who own Xboxes at the moment are mostly hardcore gamers, so this title doesn't seem to fit yet. Give it a year and maybe your younger sibling or a friend who decided to pick up a system because Toys "R" Us was having a sale that was advertised in the Sunday paper will take an interest. Pirates is, and still will be, a decent game for the novice gamer. Until then, adventure elsewhere, matey.
PlayStation (UK) (Mar 21, 2002)
As far as post-pub multiplayer entertainment goes, there's a new king in my house… Sadly, this enjoyable extension of the game's best feature isn't really enough to rescue players from the dreariness to be found elsewhere. And while diversions such as the mid-level smuggler peddling power-ups and the save game parrot provide comic relief, overall you get the impression that Westwood might have done better focusing on the exciting elements of the game instead of trying to out-Lara Core Design, when they patently lack the ability to do so. Give it a rental and see where your threshold for tortuous Tomb Raider take-offs lies, or play it with your friends and never even bother.
XboxGamesFirst! (May 29, 2002)
When it comes down to it, Pirates could have done a lot more. Though there is a laugh factor in fighting a one handed, one hooked Blackbeard with a bikini clad swashbuckler, the developers seemed to restrain themselves almost completely from exercising their creative humor-bone in the actual game. An entertaining romp in a time past, with a massive world and a solid amount of game play, Pirates is a solid three stars, but missed the boat on what it could have been. The world is just begging for a little comedy, a random encounter with Bigfoot or Moby Dick, a Swiss Family Robinson look alike, or a chance meeting with some Survivors. As is, Pirates is a competent game that will hold most people's attentions for at least a little while. I probably wouldn't recommend purchasing it unless you're a true blooded third person fan, and in which case your could do much, much worse.
XboxIGN (Apr 09, 2002)
Pirates is not a bad game, it's just not that great. This is the definition of a middle of the road game. It does offer a lot of gameplay, but that gameplay feels pretty standard. Is it fun? At times. Is it tedious? Occasionally. Is it worth $50? Probably not, though a rental would give you a pretty good idea of its value to you. I'm still waiting for a pirate game that can equal the addictiveness and sense of adventure as Pirates Gold. Monkey Island did a much better job at capturing the spirit of pirate lore and it's a spoof title. Perhaps the next in the Pirates series will go a bit further. Until then, Pirates Gold still remains king in the console pirate world.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Apr 12, 2002)
In a word, Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat is pretty “boring.” I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a terrible game and all copies should be burned, but it’s not a game that you’ll want to pay 50 bucks for. If you’re a fan of pirates and own a PS2, then it may be a good rental, but the game is an honest chore to work through and if you happen to beat the game, you’ll probably never feel a need to play it again. It’s a decent effort from Westwood, and it tries hard to stand out, but when it all comes down to it, Pirates simply isn’t a great game, and one that will be all but forgotten soon, if it already hasn’t.