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At an early age I discovered that if you connected a box to a television, you were able to play games in the comfort of your own home. The box was initially the next door neighbor’s VIC-20, but shortly after that I had my very own C64. The C64’s box showed very intelligent people using their home computer to keep track of finances and recipes, but I was more interested in helping Jumpman collect grey dots (I had a B&W TV). At this point, I also had an Atari 2600 and either tried to teach people how to play Jedi Arena or attempted to learn the Indiana Jones game which required both joysticks.

The C64 met my gaming needs until the early 1990s. After going off to college and being astounded by Myst, Doom, and Warcraft, I realized that I needed to enter the Age of CD-ROMs. Ever since then I’ve been a dedicated PC gamer. Within the past few years, I’ve also adopted the PS2 and GameCube. I also briefly had a PS1 when my buddy was in the Marines and it’s possible that I owned a SuperNintendo, but sold it for beer money.

Professionally, I’m a Collection Development Librarian. Personally, I’m happily married to my first wife and we have a dog, four birds, and a dead hamster. I'm also happy that I was allowed to be an approver even though that meant that they had to erase all the negative comments about me in the Approvers' Boards.