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Crash Bandicoot Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Japanese title screen (start, load and options, no password).
The map
N. Sanity Beach
That's an extra life. Want to risk it?
Some introduction and help screens were added to Japanese version.
Jungle Rollers
Jaws of Darkness
End of level summary, another difference in Japanese release.
Once you acquire the colored gems, new paths open up.
Slippery climb
Crash vs Dr Nitrus Brio
You did it, you win a gem.
Narrow escape
Rickety bridge
Indiana Jones-style
Aztec level
Revolving platforms
Koala Kong
Industrial level
Conveyor belt
Power cables
Electric arcs
Enemy throwing barrel.
Pinstripe Potoroo
Mad scientist
Bonus round
Lights out
Game over, but you can continue.
Colorful background
Some levels scroll vertically.
Upside down
Papu papu boss 1
Boulder chase 1
Boulder chase 2