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IndyCar Series Credits

74 people (53 developers, 21 thanks)

Brain in a Jar

ProducerMatthew Gabriel
Technical DirectorOli Wright
ProgrammersChris Green, Craig Grounsell, G. P. Everett (Kenny)
Creative DirectorCarl Dalton
Lead Game DesignerNigel Kershaw (Pig)
Lead ArtistBeverley Bright
ArtistsBruce Fitter, Michael Snowdon, David Wilson, Gameworld Seven Limited
AudioRik Ede (for Gamesound Limited -
Dreadful Blonde; Open Heart Surgery & That's Your Man written and performed byRuocco - for Gamesound Ltd -
Driveby & Keep Up written and performed bySteve Emney (for Gamesound Ltd)
"You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire" written byJoshua Michael Homme, Nick S. Oliveri, Mario Lalli (used by kind permission of Universal Music Publishing Ltd.)
AnimationThe One Eyed Men
ProductionJames Lacy, Cai Hughes


Senior External ProducerRon Harris
Development ManagerLeo Cubbin
Lead Game DesignerCarl Owens
Additional Design WorkJames Brown
Assistant Development ManagerCallum Godfrey
QA Team LeaderPeter Riley
QA TechniciansRichard Tysoe, David Wollen, Adam Akhtar, Joe Lenton
LicensingAndrew Wood, Sarah Brockhurst
ResearchAntonia Rodriguez
MarketingDavid Solari, Charlotte Brown
Marketing ServicesMark Stevens
Special Thanks ToKevin Ackbar, Gary Cody, Eddy Di Luccio, Elaine Duffy, Ben Thaker-Fell, Justin Forrest, Linda Fletcher, Toby Heap, Christopher Hines, Nick McKenzie, Nav Sunner, Andrew Wafer
Race Introductions and Indy 500® CommentaryBob Jenkins
Masterclass NarrationEddie Cheever Jr.

IndyCar™ Series

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Director of Licensing & Retail SalesNicole Polsky
Communications ManagerPaul Kelly
Licensing AssistantDeby Rush
Licensing Co-ordinatorLeslie Benge
Assistant Vice President of MarketingTerry Angstadt
Operations Manager, IMS ProductionsClyde Taylor


ThanksAll the IndyCar™ Series drivers; teams and racetracks, Blood Onion Music, Chevrolet, Dallara, Firestone, GForce, Infiniti, Steve Kight, Queens Of The Stone Age
RendersAdam Parsons
Spivak Sobol EntertainmentJosh Brooks
Universal Music OperationsChris Graves
Universal Music PublishingRoss Pelling
French voice overEmmanuel Bonami
Italian voice overAngello Cola
Spanish voice overCarlos Riera
German voice overTom Wesel

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Credits for this game were contributed by adastra (456)