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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS Awaiting 5 votes...
Game Boy 5 3.4
Game Gear Awaiting 5 votes...
Genesis 7 4.3
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
Neo Geo Pocket Color Awaiting 5 votes...
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 5 votes...
PC-98 Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation Awaiting 5 votes...
SEGA Saturn Awaiting 5 votes...
SNES 5 3.8
TurboGrafx CD Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows Awaiting 5 votes...
WonderSwan Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 17 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Neo Geo Pocket ColorDefunct Games (Jan 09, 2005)
If you love puzzle games, then get this as you are going to love it, if you are stuck between this and Puzzle Bobble, go for this, you won't be disappointed, the little extras like being able to select the appearance of the Puyos edge it in front. Sorted. Respect due.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorConsoles Plus (Mar, 2000)
Un jeu de puzzle idéal pour les longs trajets en train ou en avion, et qui est jouable à deux (mais pour cela, il faut posséder deux consoles, un câble Link et deux cartouches, sans oublier le poto qui avec).
WiiIGN (Mar 17, 2008)
The Puyo Puyo puzzle design first came to American home consoles in two forms – as Kirby's Avalanche for the SNES, and as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine for the Genesis. Both of those versions are available for download on the Virtual Console, and both are solid editions of the standard Puyo Puyo gameplay. But if you can handle investing an extra 100 Wii Points and don't mind the fact that this version's still completely presented in Japanese, then Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu is a more balanced, robust and impressive offering. Kirby and Robotnik were good, but Tsuu is a bit better – and it's Tsuu's version of the Puyo design that has been utilized ever since its original release, in those more recent editions of the game that have managed to make the jump to domestic shores. Puzzle fans, give this one a look. It's the exception to the rule that all puzzler sequels are worse than their predecessors.
80 (Jun 25, 2007)
As in all great puzzle games, you play it so much you will see Puyos stacked up in front of your eyes when you are going to sleep. It is really that fun to play, especially if you have a friend. Two players can play against each other for hours without boredom. In single player, there are some flaws though. The difficulty feels a little unbalanced. Some opponents on level two and three feel impossible compared to those on level six who can be defeated very easily sometimes. Opponents also seem to forget that if column three is filled, they die. So you get quite a few cheap wins here and there. Other than that, it's just a shame Puyo Puyo Tsu wasn't released in the west. It is very cheap, easy to get and probably the best puzzler on the system, so you can't go wrong here.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorPortable Review (Oct 01, 2007)
As I said earlier, Puyo Pop is a well-made port of PP2, which maintains the original’s charm for the most part. Add in the facts that Puyo Puyo’s a great puzzle game to begin with, there are three different game modes, and one of them is a multi-player versus mode, and you’ve got a solid game. Still, there is one reason that I’ve docked a point or two, and it’s a fairly petty one: there are better incarnations around today, like the aforementioned GBA version with its four-player versus mode or Puyo Pop Fever for the DS (which allows up to eight [!!] players). Still, if you’re looking for something a little simpler or a little more classic in your puzzle game, Puyo Pop for the NGPC could be the game you’re looking for.
WiiNintendo Life (Mar 11, 2008)
Puyo Puyo 2 was ported to 12 different formats in total and the Megadrive/Genesis version is widely regarded as one of the finest. If you’re a puzzle game fanatic, then chances are our recommendation won’t change what you already know – this is classic stuff. If you downloaded Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and crave a more balanced and enjoyable experience then you really should purchase this as soon as possible. It’s just a shame that the single player aspect isn’t quite as essential, but you can’t have everything!
Neo Geo Pocket ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames (Feb, 2000)
Malheureusement, Puyo Pop donne l’impression d’un jeu vite fait. L’image est beaucoup trop sombre : par moments, on se croirait sur un écran monochrome ! Et l’absence totale de musique (même si celle-ci était ennuyeuse dans les autres versions) donne une impression de vide. Les bruitages, quant à eux, rappelleront de bons souvenirs à tous les possesseurs d’Atari 2600. Quelques voix digitalisées d’excellente qualité sauvent la bande son du naufrage.
50 (UK) (May 12, 2008)
Admittedly, Puyo Puyo 2 isn't exactly the same as its predecessor and no doubt there'll be some obsessive fan of the series already thrashing their bloody finger stumps against the keyboard in protest at my glib dismissals. It is a perfectly serviceable game in its own right, but with two incredibly similar games already available twice on the VC for less points, the fact remains that there's little here to warrant a purchase.