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Rastan Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The beginning
Blood galore!
Climbing a vine
Surrounded by water
A four-armed skeleton
About to enter a building
Inside the building
About to run out of energy
Kneeling down
Surrounded by fire

Arcade version

Title screen
Kill reptile man
Underground cave
On liana
3-headed monster
Life lost
Levitating rock
Fire sword

Commodore 64 version

Level 1A
Rastan finds an ax
Climbing a vine
Surrounded by water
Kneeling down
Swinging on a vine
Lost a life
Entering a building
Level 1B
Swinging over a pit of fire
Level 2A
Using a raft
Half-man, half-goat
Level 2B
Level 3A
Obtained a ball-and-chain
A naked angel
Level 3B
One of the bosses in the game
Level 4A
Level 5A
"Ace view from up here, mate."
Level 5B
Level 6A
Throwing a fireball
Level 6B
Final boss

DOS version

Taito Arcade - Loading screen
Title screen
Level 1 - Chop those green guys
Getting the axe
Jumping the river
Swinging on a rope
The fire sword
The flying demon
Entering the first castle
You've got the mace
Jump on the rope quick, the wall pushes you into the fire
Dodging traps
End of Level 1 boss
Level 1 complete
Level 2 - Get that bird man
Dodging wall spikes
The sliding ramp
End of Level 2 boss
Level 2 complete
Level 3 - The caverns
Continue screen
Game Over screen
Taito Arcade - Loading screen (EGA/Tandy mode)
Title screen (EGA/Tandy mode)
Intro (EGA/Tandy mode)
Level 1 - Chop those green guys (tweaked EGA mode)
Level 1 - Chop those green guys (Tandy mode)
Taito Arcade - Loading screen (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Title screen (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Intro (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Level 1 - Chop those magenta guys (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Some of the items and weapons in the game.

Game Gear version

Main title screen
Small introduction
First level
First weapon
Second weapon
Entrance to the castle
In the first castle

MSX version

Title screen
Intro screen
Climb down the rope or slaughter the angel and the lion
Use the rope to cross the water
Again use the rope to get over the gap
Enter the castle
Watch out for the windows!
End Of Level 1 Boss

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
The Story
Coming from behind
Got 'em
climbed the rope
Don't fall
Centaur attack
Avoid the spikes.
Jumping at the enemies.
A boss behind the gate
Round clear
In a spooky forest
A spike club in the face will show him.
Tarza... I mean Rastan drowned in the sea.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The main menu
Some incoming enemies
I wonder where this rope goes?
Ouch, I'm out of energy
Rope climbing
Swinging over a pit of fire
Yikes, a large enemy!!
Hopping across some platforms
Whew, level complete!
Axe - better than a sword
Enemies come to me? Ok! I will slash them.
Death of our hero.