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Rastan features six stages of hacking and slashing gameplay with a boss fight at the end of each one. Numerous enemies assault you on your journey such as flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas, undead, and more. Fight through to the end and save the land of Lograth from certain doom.

The game features different weapons such as axes, maces, and fire swords, each with its own attributes like extended range or attack power, and defensive items like shields, cloaks, and armors, reducing the damage from enemy attacks. Other items include rings (increase the speed of your weapon) and jewelry for bonus points.


  • ラスタンサーガ - Japanese spelling

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15 People (14 developers, 1 thanks)

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Average score: 74% (based on 31 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 76 ratings with 3 reviews)

Not the best platformer around

The Good
There is no real plot to Rastan. You just have to get through all five rounds, slaying beasts that include bats, dragons, valkyries, piranhas, demons, serpents, sorceresses, and heaps more along the way. Each round consists of two sections. One section takes place outdoors and has you making your way through mountains, forests, and clearings. The other takes place indoors and has you venture through caves, castles, and caverns. At the end of each round, you have to defeat a boss. Rather than using your default weapon, a sword, you can also pick up weapons along the way including an axe, fire sword, and ball and chain.

More often than not, when you slay these beasts, they might either leave a jewel behind allowing you to gain extra points, or leave something else like shield, armature (aka: armor), gold sheep, ring, and several other items. Be aware that there are other hazards you must avoid such as fire, water, spikes, waterfalls, and even mud. Touching these things by accident will make you lose a life.

You also have an enemy meter, which depletes whenever you touch an enemy or when the enemy throws something like knives or fireballs. However, if you manage to find medicine along the way, the energy meter is restored to full. If you pick up poison also by accident, you’ll lose energy. Timing is important in some levels. For example, in Round 2 and 3, you have to make your way across water by jumping on concrete blocks before they sink.

The Bad
This is not one of the best platformers I played so far. There is no storylines between the rounds like many true platformers have, and the bosses are always the larger version of a beast you meet in every round.

It would have been nice if the game said something different. Finally, there is not much music in the game, only a couple of tunes here and there that serve both indoor and outdoor scenes, plus the music you’ll hear when you watch the ending.

The Bottom Line
Not the best platformer that you can get your hands on. **

DOS · by Katakis | カタキス (43091) · 2003

One of the arcade's best games, a Conan-like story as a simple 2D platformer

The Good
I think a few things make this game seem like more than just another platformer. There's the above average graphics and music, the range of weapons, armour and provisions, all listed and depicted at the start, the introduction where you learn that Rastan is now an old man who has become a king and the game is his story of his days as a barbarian, a "thief-murderer". I think the Rastan character seems to have some depth though some versions of the game skip much of the story. He's a Conan-like, mercenary type, reliant on his muscles and his sword, dressed only in boots and a loin cloth. He's out to slay a dragon in return for riches.I like the stages being divided into outside, inside(castle or cave) and boss room.

The Bad
A lot of arcade games are hard to get the hang of. Rastan is pretty stubborn and I don't think he responds easily to the controls. Missing a weapon stroke can leave you rather open to counter attacks. You have to be precise.

The Bottom Line
One of the best arcade games ever, like maybe even top ten. When playing it now though, it'd make sense to use save states or other relief from the difficulties.

Arcade · by Andrew Fisher (697) · 2018

Thoroughly mediocre platform action.

The Good
What's good about Rastan? Well, like I said, it's a very, very average game. Playable, but average still. I guess it has pretty good graphics and fairly decent sound, and it's playable for a while... but only for a while.

The Bad
Utterly disasterous controls. I mean, seriously - they suck. It's amazing. A simple arcade platform game with terrible controls. Who would've thought?

Also, the level design isn't particularly interesting, effective or clever, it's just there.

The Bottom Line
A particularly average platform game. It's not really bad, but it's equally not as good. I guess one could live with it.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4538) · 2000


Subject By Date
Only in the manual of the Master System? Edwin Drost (9385) Aug 8, 2021



If you stand around doing nothing for too long, bats come and attack you. They can be killed and were incentive to keep moving.

Cancelled conversions

ST and Amiga conversions were planned by Ocean, and advertised as 'coming soon' at one point, but never released, apparently due to 'technical difficulties' (WEC Le Mans never reached those systems for the same reason). However, in 2014 a working disk with a demo of Rastan for the Atari ST was found. The demo is running, but far from finished.

Conversion Differences

The amount of stages differs depending on the conversion:

  • Four stages on DOS and Apple IIgs
  • Six stages on Arcade, C64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC
  • Seven stages on Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear and MSX

Game Gear version

Rastan was released for the Game Gear in Japan. However, unlike most other Game Gear games, it was a straight port of the Master System version, running not in a letterbox format, but instead using the GG's Master System compatibility mode, resulting in a fuzzy screen with small sprites which is difficult to render in screenshots.

Master System version

The instruction manual for the Master System version of this game is notorious for containing several nude female enemies (Harpie, Meduza, Gorgon), which have bare breasts and what appears to be pubic hair.

Information also contributed by Игги Друге, Jo ST, Martin Smith, and Psionic


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