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Taito was originally established in 1953 by Russian-Jewish businessman Michael Kogan in Tokyo as Taito Trading Company. The company started importing, leasing, and later developing amusement machines in the 1960s. The company's current name of Taito Corporation was adopted in 1972. Taito was among the first makers of electronic games, selling their own Pong clone in 1973.

The company became a major player in 1978 after the enormous success of Space Invaders, and continues to be involved in a wide variety of arcade and home game development to this day. Two North American divisions were later started, Taito America in Elk Grove Village, IL in 1973, and later Taito Software in North Vancouver, BC in 1988. The Vancouver studio was shut down by 1991 and North American operations moved back to Wheeling, IL where Taito America had relocated back in 1985. In July, 1996 Taito also closed its American branch as the company focused its efforts on the domestic Japanese market, licensing its titles to other publishers such as Acclaim for international markets.

In August 2005, it was announced that Square Enix had made a bid to take majority ownership of Taito. The deal was approved and completed by the end of September, making Taito a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix.

Credited on 591 Games from 1973 to 2023

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Densha de Go! (2020 on Browser)

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History +

September 28, 2005

Square Enix Co., Ltd. becomes the new parent company.


The company showcases a CD-ROM-based console system that allowed you to download and play arcade-quality CD-ROM games, but the system was never released.


Kyocera invests into Taito, turning it into a subsidiary.

August 24, 1953

Company founded by Russian Michael Kogan and an importer and distributor of vending machines.

Trivia +

The Japanese word Taito translates to "far east"

Founded by a Russian, Taito was the first Japanese maker of vodka.

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