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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Indie Game Magazine (Jun 19, 2012)
Any indie gamer will tell you that we’re not living in a world short on puzzle-oriented platformers, but I will contest that few get the balance between challenge and fun so right. My greatest worry with Shuggy is that the game might get overlooked, much as it has been on Xbox. What I stated in my opening paragraph is true – that it lifted my gaming malaise and put me back in the mood to have at my game collection, but it should be fairly clear by now that I don’t intend to label Shuggy as a ‘filler’ title. Here is a game that inspires, that entertains and compels the player in little bite-size pieces. It never cheats or baffles with its multiple approaches to puzzle design, it never overstays its welcome, it just works.
Calm Down Tom (Jun 21, 2012)
Smudged Cat have created a gem of game. I’ll admit, some games I’ll uninstall after I review them, but this whimsical little vampire shall certainly live on within my computer. His mansion shall be restored. I want so much for them to make an iOS version of the game just so I can carry this fellow around with me.
Absolute Games ( (Jul 09, 2012)
Всего же в The Adventures of Shuggy полторы сотни (если считать вместе с «коопом») различных комнат, кладовок, залов и галерей. И я с удовольствием прошёл бы еще столько же. Скоротечность — единственный серьезный недостаток этого чудесного «платформера».
Realm of Gaming (Oct 24, 2013)
The Adventures of Shuggy succeeds in just about every aspect. It's a fast-paced, highly addictive arcade-style platformer with simple mechanics and plenty of variety. It may take a bit to get used to the awkward running speed, but once you've got it down pat, you'll find a wonderful time attack title that offers loads of content and a fantastic soundtrack.
The Adventures of Shuggy could’ve been a tedious, 5 to 10-hour slog through endless platforms, but nothing could be further from the truth. The gameplay is addictive, with well designed levels that are very rarely recycled from area to area. It’s easy on the eyes and ears, but occasionally hard on the blood pressure; you’ll see what I mean when a dive-bombing mosquito tags you just before you reach that last gem — for the tenth time.
3D Juegos (Jun 21, 2012)
Nos encontramos ante uno de esos títulos que hacen grande a las plataformas de distribución digital. The Adventures of Shuggy es un juego que combina la habilidad con la resolución de puzles de forma brillante, mostrándonos un diseño de niveles magnífico y muy creativo. Por 6,99 euros no se puede pedir mucho más.
65 (Jun 13, 2013)
The Adventures of Shuggy saura se trouver un large public grâce à son gameplay riche et sa difficulté variée. Malheureusement, le jeu ne propose finalement pas une expérience inoubliable en raison d'un effet de répétition trop prononcé d'une réalisation tout juste moyenne. Néanmoins, pour cinq euros, c'est un investissement que peu regretteront.