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Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The relic in its stasis field.
Walking through Predator ruins (Dunya uses a 360° radar)
Taking damage while ripping apart a runner.
A hostile indigenous lifeform.
The Predator missions start with a simple hunt.
Some of the dangerous native wildlife.
Turns out the planet has Aliens! Here, the Pred uses his new energy flechette.
The Pred heads deeper into an alien temple.
Nothing the shoulder cannon can't handle!
Lots of relentless Aliens guard the way.
His reward? Facehugged and frozen in stasis for 500 years.
The Pred's misfortune paves the way to play as a Predalien.
Chestbursters can now bite through grates for a limited stealth sequence.
Looking for food in a galley resembling the one from the first 'Alien'.
Chestbursters have no weapons. Save me, my Alien brothers!
Found plenty of food in the morgue, and grew up big and strong!
The Predalien prepares to munch on some nutritious brains.
The Corporate missions begin with some hommana hommana!
Dunya and team head in to retrieve the artifact.
Dunya uses the new twin pistols.
Nice to have some NPC buddies.
Deploy the sentry turret and let it do its thing.
About to take the Alien artifact, and set this whole disaster in motion.
What's this? Predator architecture here too?
Looks like they've been busy!
Dangerous ground worms pop up from anywhere.
Complicated ledges on the way to evac.
Made it back home to Dunya's quarters.
Looks like the Aliens followed!
Holding off the critters with a new stationary turret.
Pod 5 is ejected, leading to the start of AvP2. But did Dunya make it?
dm_aizin; One of the four new deathmatch maps.
New multiplayer map #2: dm_dropzone
New multiplayer map #3: dm_predator
New multiplayer map #4: dm_uvajed
The Ancient Predators have established their base at the site of the Pilot ruins that harbour a mysterious artifact.
This explains why the Zeta site has a mixture of Pilot and Predator technology and architecture fused together.
The Pilot artifact up close. It's supposed to hold Aliens at bay...
...but a malfunction disables it, and the Predators ready themselves to fend off waves of Aliens.
A fellow Ancient Predator stands guard in the Pilot ruins.