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Blade Runner Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Ingame Shot
option menu
your first assignment starts here, at runciters
police station
practice makes perfect
on the balcony
your living room, and faithful dog Maggie
you'll use this computer zooming rather a lot
the lobby of Tyrell corporation
right place for intrigues
goodbye kiss
police can be deceiving, especially when it comes to this game
you can even notice Red Alert gaming machine in this gamezone
city map that you use to travel
voight-kampf test
The opening movie introduces you to several important characters, including your competitor, Blade Runner Crystal Steele
Combat screen: McCoy opens fire on an approach meat-cleaver-wielding Replicant. Of course, this open-ended game provides you with non-violent solutions to your problems as well.
McCoy walks into a skin-implant store to find the unfortunate proprietor handcuffed to a bomb. Gee, maybe you can save him by shooting the bomb?
Maybe not... McCoy and Moraji get blown sky-high! (This is one of the game's most frustrating action sequences).
The game parallels the movie in many ways... here, McCoy attempts to interview/arrest an exotic dancer suspect, and receives a serious smackdown for his trouble.
This game borrows many elements from Phil K. Dick's original 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', including specials, animal murder, the protagonist's obsession with his precious pet, and this beat-down from a group of fake Repli-cops.
The future Los Angeles is a decadent place. Here, McCoy gets friendly with an exotic dancer
Replicants continue to fight on even after you set them on fire... you heartless cad you.
In the polluted, post-apocalyptic world of Blade Runner, animals are rare and valuable treasures. On the other hand, there seem to be plenty of giant mutant killer rats.
McCoy in a shootout with his deadly rival atop the used car lot
Crystal Steele helps McCoy battle Sadik in front of the Moonbus, deep within the toxic Kipple.
It's incredibly difficult to swing the Moonbus Massacre (kill all the replicants at once) because the game isn't designed for you to do it. But if you succeed, you will have done a man's job. But are you sure that you're a man?
McCoy feeds his precious animal companion Maggie, whom he thinks about constantly through the entire game (shades of Deckard's electric sheep in the original book)
McCoy confronts Eldon Tyrell and Rachel, characters from the movie played by their original actors.
McCoy watches Dektora dance inside Early-Q's nightclub, prior to confronting her about the case.
You don't have to blow away everybody who breaks the law. Here, McCoy gloats over a jail full of replicant sympathesizers he helped bust.
The futuristic Los Angeles, scene recreated from the movie.
Arriving at the crime scene.
Don't yield to stage actor's provocations.
A nightclub with a secret entrance to a VIP section.
Exotic dancer.
inside Tyrell Corp
Simplified Chinese version title
Blade Runner/Westwood Partnership
That was close.
Guzza's office
outside the club
outside the LAPD station
Chinese version KIA database