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Creatures 2 Credits (Windows)

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Creatures 2 Credits

At Cyberlife

DesignTony Simpson
Additional DesignRobin E. Charlton, Mark Ashton, the Creatures Development Team
Lead Programmer and systems designRobin E. Charlton
Lead Agent Engineer and ecology designMark Ashton
ProgrammingBen Campbell, Robert Dick
DirectX "stuff"Chris Wylie
Macintosh programmingKeith Hook
Agent EngineeringJohn Ferguson
Genetic EngineeringSandra Linkletter
Additional Genetic EngineeringEric Goodwin
Art DirectionColin Swinbourne
Graphic ArtistsClaudio Berni, Ceri Llewellyn, Darren Thomas, Paul Simon, Sean Nicholls, Colin Swinbourne
Introduction Sequence modelingClaudio Berni, Ceri Llewellyn
Neuroscience and brain modelingDylan Banarse
In game musicPeter Chilvers
Sound effectsOscar Wilkinson, Mark Ashton
Introduction sequence music, post productionRichard Joseph
Additional prototyping and developmentGary Buckley, Dharmesh Raithatha, Alima Adams
QA and Production ManagerBen Simpson
Manual and help fileToby Simpson
Quality AssuranceThe Creatures Team, Oscar Wilkinson, Tytn Hayes
With thanks toStephen Grand, Howard Newmark, The Web Team, Henry's in Cambridge
Produced and Directed byToby Simpson

At Mindscape

ProducerLee Singleton
Director of developmentDavid Bishop
Associate producerRichard Plumb
Product managerAnthony Parkins
PR managerPaul Kluge
Graphic design managerBill Duncan
Graphic designSteve Longdale
Localization managerPatrick Baroni
Creative services managerMaria Fernandez
QA managerMark Hilton
QA lead testerAdrian Wood-Jones
QA testersIain White, Derek Holt, Marcus Starnes, Martin Newing, Ashley Powell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Shoddyan (14243)