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Shoddyan is the user formerly known as WildKard.

I just can't get these videogames out of my head!!!... so I might as well help with documenting them :)

Truthfully, I guess you could call me a gamer, although I don't get excited about the latest and greatest. However, neither am I a nostalgic retro-gamer, I remember quite well how terrible a lot of those games actually were and how frustrated low-resolution graphics could be. I guess I'd like to say "I play what's fun", but I'm sure I miss a lot of good games, and also sometimes concentrate on games that are "charming" or have "potential", even if they are flawed for most people. I've been involved with many websites, many of them being personal/niche projects that really aren't that important. However, this is the second time I've attempted the documentation of all existing videogames that MobyGames does. Previously I have been involved with's Videogame Encylopedia section. Unfortunately it was an over-reaching project and I was fairly unqualified to handle it. Maybe if I hadn't been balancing it with highschool, the learning of HTML or etc. it might have worked out. As a result, it was never very detailed and never became what I wanted it to be. However I'm glad to see is still up and maintains it's community and I fully support the removal of the "Encylopedia" section.

In 2002 I discovered Mobygames and realized they were doing what I had wanted to do, only better. I soon became a contributor of every game title I could find within my own house. By December, my name was familiar enough with other approvers that I was selected to become one to aid with the Dreamcast section. Now at the end of 2004, I aid in approving for many different systems and spend a lot of time doing maintenance on the website in the form of corrections, game groupings and trying to replace short descriptions. My future goals are to increase Mobygames usability and to work on providing our site with additional tools to increase it's relevance as a reference service for other people's materials and projects.