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Digitally Downloaded (Oct 10, 2014)
Now that the story of Dark Souls II has been fully told, the theme of persistence is key. I think back to my initial review, where those brief flashes of light and life offered hope against overwhelming, almost oppressive odds and darkness. Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King concludes the adventure, the player has earned the sense of hope that he/ she is left behind with. At least until you begin the adventure anew and Dark Souls II ups the difficulty and prepares to make you die yet again.
GameSpot (Mar 11, 2014)
Crown of the Ivory King is a melancholic victory lap in the only way a Dark Souls game can present a finale. From Software congratulates you on your achievements by giving you even more, even harder goals, specifically, some of the hardest boss fights in all of Dark Souls II. It's not about the spectacle of a drawn out ending cutscene; the spectacle has always been about your own survival in battle, especially those victories when your lifebar cannot withstand one more hit. What could be a better Dark Souls II send-off than more punishment? The answer is "nothing, fellow masochist."
Digital Chumps (Oct 02, 2014)
At $10, it's tough not to recommend content of this caliber. Making my way through to the end took eight hours of my time, and that's not including my unresolved trek through the Frigid Outskirts (itself an extreme version of Dark Souls II's Shaded Woods). Ivory King and its brethren are enough to make me wonder how far From Software could push Dark Souls II if they were challenged in constantly coming up with new content, but what if Ivory King is actually the edge of the abyss? If it’s everything they've got, it’s going out on top.
PC Gamer (Oct 01, 2014)
And with that, so ends our Dark Souls 2 journey. The Crown trilogy haven’t been the most filling morsels. Unlike Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss, they feel superfluous to the main show, something scooped off the cutting room floor. It’s still Dark Souls, and it’s still brilliant, but the Ivory King is a similar deal to the last two—a solid five-hour chunk of adventuring in another enemy-filled fortress. Like its wintry setting it might leave you a bit, well, cold.
Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King is arguably the best of the Lost Crown Trilogy, but it’s not without its faults. The main complaint revolves around the conclusion not having a big pay off, despite sinking ten to fifteen hours into the entire set of quests. With that said, From Software’s attempt to break away from their traditional formula by testing your agoraphobia is something to be commended, not to mention establishing a smartly crafted, interconnected kingdom. With well-conceived bosses, an exciting new snow setting, and a shiny new crown to put on your mantel, Crown of the Ivory King helps expand the Dark Souls II fiction into great territories.