Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Logging in to autolog system.
Title screen
Main menu.
The map.
Choosing the event.
Player stats.
Customisation provides only color select.
You can see track stats and best time before the race.
That's a Lamborghini Reventón Roadster, no wonder I'm in the lead.
Drifting between mountains.
How unfortunate! I've crashed.
The desert roads are sure hot.
Cops won't catch me.
Starting the race.
Take that!
And this fine spikes!
Rushing through the block.
The challenger arrives.
The helicopters are really annoying.
Seems like a shortcut.
I've successfully blocked an EMP attack by frequency jammer.
Almost at the finish line.
Everyone has to begin with something basic.
My very first busted racer. How lovely!
They show you the ultimate car and then make you work for it hours and hours.
Bounty awards.
Such a good day for a couple of arrests.
First and last.
Highway drifting.
Alone in the woods.
DICE have done a really good job.
Snow storm.
I'm mad!
Vehicle selection screen
EMP hit your rival
It's a full moon
Driving without lights is a bad idea because you can't see much