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Panzer General III: Scorched Earth Credits

81 people (75 developers, 6 thanks)


ProducerMichael Hawkins
Lead ProgrammerCarl Bevil
Interface ProgrammingMike Marr
AI ProgrammingPaul Murray
Additional ProgrammingRussell Brown
Install ProgrammingBrian Fitz
NetImmerseNumerical Design Ltd.
Art DirectorJacques Hennequet
Lead ArtistGennady Krakovsky
ArtistsDavid Jensen, Grisha Grigoriev, Ken J. Shibata, Charles Moon, Jeremy Campbell
Additional ArtistsJeff Hunter, Erik M. Stone, Michael Pearce, Nat Johnson, Stephen Tang, Michael Rugg
3D ModelsViewpoint Datalabs, REM Infografica
Lead Campaign & Scenario DesignChris Carr
Campaign & Scenario DesignRichard Wagenet
Multimedia ProductionMario Alves, Stephen Lam, Maurice Jackson
MusicKevin Manthei, KMM Productions
Other MusicAPM
Senior QA ManagerVansouk Lianemany
Product Test ManagerRichard Fielder
QA LeadMark A. Wagman
Assistant QA LeadMarcus Fish
QA TestersDwight Cordero, Peter Ferriola, Justin Halpin, Todd Johnsen, Justin Nelson, Joshua Palmer, Scott Ray, Derek Williams, Drew Gall, Mike Leon, Paul Bunten
Manual EditorAnathea Lopez
Web MasterKerry Brantner
Other R&D SupportNaseem Choudhury, Oshyne Greene, Aaron Addleman
Localization ManagerJudith Lucero
LocalizationHiromi Okamoto, Jörg Becker
Executive Vice PresidentAmy Smith-Boylan
Senior Vice PresidentCarl C. Norman
Marketing ManagerTena Lawry
Marketing DirectorJeff Hoth
PR ManagerMichael Shelling
PR SpecialistSharon O'Donnell
Legal CounselDouglas Reilly, Sara Guinness
Support PersonnelSarah Taylor, Andrea Akmenkalns, Susan Sulc
Layout and DTPLouis Saekow Design
Special ThanksRick E. White, Daniel Cermak, Rick Martinez

Mattel Interactive (UK) Ltd.

Product ManagerAlasdair Gemmell
PR ManagerHelen Myers
Graphic DesignMattel Interactive UK Design Department
QATony Dorey, Ben Martin

Mattel Interactive Deutschland GmbH

Marketing DirectorKaren Zürn
Marketing ManagerUlla Wenderoth
Product ManagerHolly D. Kreie
PR ManagerMarcus Ertl
QA Lead GermanyOliver Bunch
Special thanks toJoachim F. Meyer, Daniel Vaross, Jan Büchner

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (157959) and Corn Popper (68809)

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