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Worth Playing (Dec 19, 2004)
Karaoke Revolution is a wonderful title that cannot be pigeon-holed into a standard genre. Konami, as always, has a unique hit that they have brought to the Xbox with an intelligent look into how to implement Xbox’s particular strengths and features in a quirky concept that makes a great party game for friends. As a single player game, it can be a really fun few hours or a really rude awakening, depending on the skill of the player. It is a technically amazing piece of software, with no issues with errors or bugs with the coding. I would recommend this for anyone who loves singing or someone who has non-gamer friends that come by from time to time.
IGN (Nov 16, 2004)
Konami's knack for making music games has proven golden yet again. The first Karaoke Revolution sold like gangbusters and this Xbox version, with Xbox Live Friends List and downloadable content is a ready-to-go party machine. The learning curve is quick, there are songs you're bound to know given the fat stack of 50 songs, and the game is incredibly encouraging. You'll find yourself singing songs to yourself and you might even improve your daily shower routine 10-fold. At the very least, your roomates will be thrilled.
TeamXbox (Nov 24, 2004)
As far as party games go, Karaoke Revolution is right at the top. Obviously you need to have some folks that aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves and the results can be hilarious. The single-player modes are entertaining, but can get a bit boring if just going at it alone. It’s nice that the judging criteria can be adjusted to fit the vocal range (or lack thereof) of any player and with downloadable song packs, chances are there is something to please everyone. There is no doubt that Karaoke Revolution won’t appeal to every single Xbox gamer, but those looking for a unique and incredibly fun gameplay experience for all ages, you can’t do wrong with this one.
GameSpy (Nov 14, 2004)
Karaoke Revolution for Xbox is a great deal for gamers that have been curious about this series but haven't taken the plunge. The song list and download capabilities are really impressive. Best of all, it's rooted in the same excellent gameplay that makes the PS2 versions so wonderful. If you haven't made your Karaoke Revolution debut and you don't own any of the PS2 games then this version is highly recommended. It's plenty of fun on your own and ridiculously fun for parties.
GameSpot (Nov 10, 2004)
Karaoke Revolution is a cool piece of technology, and it definitely has the potential to be a lot of fun, especially in a crowd setting. If you're a fan of karaoke, or think that enough of the songs on the disc are appealing, you'll certainly have fun with the game. But make no mistake, it's a product designed to fill a very specific niche, so if you aren't already at least somewhat interested in the subject, it probably won't win you over.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 23, 2004)
There’s something to be said when you bust this game out at a family get together when Grandma’s got her Elvis tune and Cousin Suzy’s got her Michelle Branch. There’s a wide array of songs to select from that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. However, because of the way the character’s are depicted as tiny teeny boppers, it was probably geared more for the younger generation. C’mon! Grandma’s not going to want her avatar to have a belly shirt! Well, you can’t say they didn’t try.