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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Netjak (Apr 11, 2005)
Fans of the series will no doubt be playing this title for years to come, but assuming that no online patch is released (Team 17 and the publisher, Sega, have sadly taken a laid back approach to the online glitches), it looks like I will have to settle for inviting my real-life friends to join the party. Worms 3D is a title that flourishes offline but falls apart when trying to take it Live; a real disappointment in that respect, but fans of the series will love this title with open arms as the core of the game is very impressive. For a mere $20, however, there is no reason why newcomers and casual fans won't find their money's worth here, either.
Ever since the big jump from 2D to 3D, favorite franchises have been trying to make the transition without sacrificing the core, the heart, of what made their games great in two dimensions. Some have been more successful than others. Thankfully, Team17 seems to have taken a long, hard look at what made Worms the multi-million selling series that it is and put in the effort required to make a quite treacherous (but rewarding) leap to the third dimension.
75 (Nov 14, 2003)
Nicht veränderbare Maus-Invertierung am PC? Aaaaaaarrrgh!! Für den normalen Shooter-Spieler werden damit die ersten Worms 3D-Stunden besonders im Zusammenhang mit der unzuverlässigen Kamera einfach zur Qual – wer ein Joypad hat, sollte besser damit spielen. Doch hat man sich mit diesem überflüssigen Frust abgefunden und idealerweise einige Wurmkumpels bei der Hand, entfaltet sich schon nach kurzer Zeit wieder das bewährte und geniale Worms-Feeling. Selbst nach Stunden kommt keine Langeweile auf und aus den besten Freunden werden schnell Feinde – so soll es sein! Wie gehabt dient der Einspielermodus nur zum Freispielen von Extras und dem Warmwerden mit der Steuerung. Zwar machen Kampagne und Challenges eine Zeit lang viel Spaß, doch auf Dauer kann die KI einfach nicht mit einem lebenden Wurmgegner mithalten. Worms 3D ist in vielerlei Hinsicht genau wie früher: zusammen top, alleine hopp!
JeuxActu (Oct 31, 2003)
Ce qui est génial avec Worms, c'est que l'on peut jouer avec ces potes uniquement avec une seule manette, il serait donc stupide de se priver du mode multi-joueurs qui se veut totalement paramétrable : Temps, armes, créer vitre propre équipe et autres détails. Lorsque l'on arrive au bout d'une nuit de jeu entre potes, on se rend compte de la richesse des niveaux. A ce moment là, Worms reprend toutes ses lettres de noblesses et c'est un régal. Après de longues heures de jeu, on arrive même à exploiter la 3D comme il se doit pour anéantir ses ennemis. Même si au final certains seront déçus par quelques imperfections qui hantent ce Worms 3D, l'ambiance sur vitaminée du titre ne pourra que réjouir les fans.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Nov 20, 2003)
Despite its draw backs it does stand up on its own as a great game, without comparing it to previous versions, Worms 3D is a masterpiece of comical enjoyment, and the lack of certain things found in the 2D version wouldn't effect anyone that is new to the series. The weapons have also made a successful transition from the previously flat world into the 3D, containing the same devastating effects, both to the land and other worms. The new weapons have also been added without unbalancing the game or making them too strong. All in all, Worms 3D is a must have for fans of the series and defiantly worth a look to fans of turn based strategy looking for something slightly different.
73 (Jan 20, 2004)
Worms 3D es justo lo que podríamos esperar de una buena migración de un juego de dos dimensiones al actual mundo poligonal. Todos los aspectos del juego, tanto técnicos como jugables, han sido correctamente adaptados a la nueva dimensión extra. Solo aquellos que se ven inherentemente afectados por este cambio, como el sistema de apuntado y el viento, han variado ligeramente, pero era inevitable y apenas ha modificado el espíritu del juego, como mucho lo ha hecho algo menos frenético que antes.
GameSpot (Mar 03, 2005)
Worms 3D puts in a good effort to introduce a third dimension into the formula without losing the strategy and the silliness that defined the series, but frankly, the 2D Worms games of yore were just better. If you're not concerned about the Worms legacy, you'll find that Worms 3D stands up as a cute, quirky little strategy game with excellent multiplayer capacity. There are worse things you could say about a game, and ultimately, it's good to see that Team 17's nihilistic annelids have survived the transition to 3D without much incident.
X-Power (Dec 02, 2003)
Al bij al kan ik concluderen dat Worms 3D exact doet wat je van een Worms spel in 3D mag verwachten. Het spel kent geen grote fouten (ja, de menu's zijn wat onoverzichtelijk, ja het springen kon wat handiger etc..) en is sowieso een aanrader voor iedereen die een stroom warme gevoelens voelt opwellen bij herinneringen aan de oude Worms. Die mensen zouden het spel al in huis moeten liggen hebben en de vraag is natuurlijk : wat moeten de niet-fans doen ? Het grootste advies dat ik kan meegeven is het volgende : huur Worms in een winkel/videotheek, neem het mee naar huis, bel een paar vrienden op en test het meteen in multiplayer uit. Het is geen HALO-ervaring, geen indrukwekkende storm van geluid en beeld, maar een klein, amusant pareltje dat, net als Kung Fu Chaos, heel wat plezierige game-avonden kan opleveren !
70 (Oct 29, 2003)
Le passage à la 3D ne dénature pas complètement l'oeuvre d'origine mais quelques soucis de gameplay relatifs à cette évolution pourront décourager certains joueurs. L'un dans l'autre, Worms 3D n'innove pas le concept, profite d'une réalisation honorable mais garde heureusement le fun et l'humour de la série. Pari à demi réussi.
If you're hungry for Worms-related mayhem, this game is adequate; but if you want one with all of the fun and none of the fat, leave Worms 3D alone and pick up Worms Armageddon for the PC.
Yahoo! Games (Mar 07, 2005)
While it's not without its flaws, Worms 3D has the same simple-yet-strategic appeal as its predecessors -- and with the well-implemented Xbox Live support you shouldn't have problems finding opponents. Best of all, it's on sale for under $20; it's a bargain, and one that anyone with Xbox Live or a few friends should snatch up.
GameSpy (Feb 17, 2005)
Even with its flaws, fans of the Worms games are sure to love this latest addition to the franchise. All of the irreverent charm and style from before are still packed solidly into this title. The multiplayer is phenomenal, and Xbox Live is probably the best online play that the series has ever seen. Although players new to Worms may get frustrated with the controls, if they're willing to tough it out through the initial learning curve, they're not likely to put the game down.
IGN (Mar 04, 2005)
Worms 3D is an easy going, fun game that suffers from some control issues. If aiming and movement felt a bit tighter it would be easy to recommend this game to fans of the series. Turn based strategy buffs should rent this title before making a purchase, or wait to see if improvements are made in Worm Forts Under Siege when it comes out later this month.
Diehard GameFan (Mar 16, 2005)
I don’t want you to think that this is a terrible game. It’s cute and funny but it’s one that’s hard to get a handle on. I like some of the weapons lsuch as the Old Lady and the Mad Cow which required some interesting people in order to think up an idea like that. It’s still Worms, and has the spirit of it through and through. I’m just not sure that it translates well into a 3D game to be played on a console. I just wish that more time was spent setting up the controls and the camera angles. Still… I’m going to give an A for effort because I do love Worms so much.
Det här är heltenkelt ett Worms som är så dåligt det bara kan bli. Tack och lov är konceptet så lysande i sin grundform att det aldrig blir helt ospelbart. Men i närheten av de gamla goda 2D-varianterna kommer det inte.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 12, 2016)
This is what happens when you take a beloved multiplayer classic and skewer it beyond recognition. Saddled with chunky, unwanted polygon graphics, Worms 3D is almost too painful to bear.