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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Needless to say anymore, I loved this game. It's not overly filled with gore, yet remains true to the spirit of both the movie and the comic books, and is enjoyable to play. I'm not sure there's more one can expect of a video game, short of actually giving me claws that is.
Shin Force (May 27, 2003)
If you're a diehard Marvel Comics fan, you will enjoy every second of X2:WR. If not, I would really recommend renting this title first. This is one of the best X-Men games I've played since the 16 bit era.
GameZone (May 16, 2003)
Sadly, X2: Wolverine’s Revenge could have been so much more than what it turned out to be. GenePool Software should have delayed this game a month to iron out the AI, camera control, and other issues that this game had from time to time. This still is a fun game to play, but it really isn’t up there with Spiderman game that has been released.
76 (May 03, 2003)
Ein schlechtes Spiel ist Wolverine`s Revenge nicht, im Gegenteil. Es bietet viele gute Ideen, spannende Kämpfe, eine nette Story und gar nicht mal schlechte Grafik. Außerdem ist das Stealth-System sehr reizvoll, besonders, da es noch schön belohnt wird. Doch trotzdem empfiehlt sich besonders bei der PC-Version ein Probespiel, denn die Kameraführung ist auf Dauer schlicht nervend. Teilweise fällt es wirklich schwer sich aufs Spiel zu konzentrieren, wenn man dauernd mit dem Nachjustieren der Perspektive beschäftigt ist. Auf den Konsolen fällt das dank der analogen Sticks nicht so stark ins Gewicht. Wenn Ihr also schon mit Spider Man - The Movie Euren Spaß hattet, ist Wolverine der logische Nachfolger. Wenn Ihr mit Superhelden-Spielen im Allgemeinen nichts anfangen könnt, dürftet Ihr auch jetzt kaum warm damit werden.
75 (Apr 23, 2003)
Reprendre l'Arme X pour en faire un jeu vidéo. En voilà une idée qu'elle est bonne ! Même si le titre prend quelques libertés par rapport à l'oeuvre originale, c'est un bonheur de retrouver Wolverine en tête d'affiche.
Cincinnati Enquirer (May 13, 2003)
If you can get past the well-timed movie franchise tie-in and some minor assorted issues, X2 Wolverine's Revenge" should appeal to action/adventure game enthusiasts, comic book readers and fans of the movie.
IGN (Apr 16, 2003)
The hardest thing for a licensed game is capturing the essence of the character. Revenge succeeds with a story and style that fits Wolvie perfectly. But the gameplay has far too many holes and the sound and graphics are nothing special for Xbox. This is a relatively short game, able to be finished in about eight hours. There are bonus challenges, which add an extra hour or two of gameplay. But this isn't a game you'll play twice. This one's probably best as a weekend rental unless you are an absolute hardcore Wolverine fan who must have everything. If you find this, later on in life, on some store shelf for $20 or even $30, go for it. But at full price, you'll be the one screaming "Raarr!"
Game Over Online (Jun 26, 2003)
When this game was originally announced, it looked like it had potential, but now that the final product is out, it's pretty safe to say that X2: Wolverine's Revenge is a disappointment. Though the gameplay is okay, it's nothing special, and despite the awesome license this game possesses, it's sure to grate on anyone after a few hours. So, in conclusion, if you're a big X-Men or Wolverine fan go ahead and check this game out, but no one else.
It's too bad, because I definitely see where Gene Pool was going with this game. I suspect that this product had to be rushed out in order to ship alongside the upcoming movie, robbing them of time that could have been spent fine-tuning the gameplay. Wolverine is definitely one of the coolest action heroes in history, and deserves a game that lives up to his name. While I appreciate all the hidden goodies, the suitably campy storytelling, and cameos by classic villains, I really can't recommend this game to any but the most ardent fans of the comic series. I would also warn those expecting this to be an adaptation of the X2 motion picture, as this game's plot does not coincide with the film's. Hopefully, Wolverine, and Gene Pool, will get the opportunity to right this series with a more satisfying sequel. Until then, X-Men fans are in the familiar position of waiting for the title that will give their heroes a proper video game treatment.
GameSpot (Apr 21, 2003)
If the developers of Wolverine's Revenge hadn't been under the gun to produce the game in time to capitalize on the new X-Men movie, the end results would have probably been more polished and generally more playable. Instead, what's been produced is a game with some promise and some good ideas, but a half-cocked presentation and execution. It's certainly not the worst X-Men-licensed game, but Wolverine's Revenge is a game only the biggest fans of the comics could love.
X2: Wolverine’s Revenge is below average in every sense of the term; the title contains some interesting gameplay mechanics and concepts, but never executes them with any measure of success. The only exception is the plot, and considering that it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a sequel is in the works. Let’s hope that if this were to happen, the developers, freed from the burden of matching the movie’s release date, would put more time into making an average comic book adventure into a great one.
GamePro (US) (Apr 16, 2003)
This paint-by-numbers adventure features competent graphics, strong voice work, and offers you the choice to use stealth tactics or all-out brutality. The cool thing about Wolverine's Revenge is that you can do all of the things Wolverine can do in the comics like carving enemies into bloody messes with your claws and using your heightened animal senses to see in the dark, detect scent trails, and spot lasers. You also get a neat mutant healing factor, and if you take, or dish out, enough hurt in a short span of time you'll go into a berzerker rage and mow down everybody in your path like a hopping Cuisinart.
Games TM (May, 2003)
With its refreshing variety of gameplay features, X2 enjoys some success in setting itself apart from the most basic slash 'em-up affairs, and the set-piece action is reasonably fun while it lasts.
GameSpy (Apr 16, 2003)
At the end of the day, the game isn't anywhere near as polished and playable as it should be -- although, as you might expect from the Xbox hardware, things are a little smoother than the GameCube and PlayStation 2 games. The theme and attitude are right, but the execution misses the mark. There are too many niggling problems that hinder the enjoyment, and I felt like it was getting to be more of an ordeal to play through than the fun experience I was hoping for. It's a shame, but I'm sure that there are enough X-Men fans and gamers that'll buy into the hype of the movie -- just be prepared for an average experience at best.
Game Revolution (Apr, 2003)
Though the game is linear, you'll open up some bonus bits along the way, including a variety of costumes, backstory text in the form of Cerebro files and a somewhat wimpy Challenge mode which only becomes playable after you beat the game.