X2: Wolverine's Revenge

aka: X-Men 2: La Vendetta di Wolverine, X-Men 2: La Venganza de Lobezno, X-Men 2: La Vengeance de Wolverine, X-Men 2: Wolverine's Revenge
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Wolverine has just hours to find a cure to a virus and save his life. Along the way, he will discover further details on his past, and fight against other familiar characters from the X-Men franchise, including Magneto and Sabertooth.

Returning to the lab where Logan became Weapon X, you must use his unique abilities (adamantium claws and hightened sense of smell) to sneak your way around the areas past the many guards. And if needs be, you can use stealth abilities to quietly attack the enemy from behind or above.

Bonus objectives include finding hidden Wolverine comic covers and dog tags to unlock secrets such as new costumes and improved abilities.


  • X战警:狼人复仇 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 63% (based on 46 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 41 ratings with 1 reviews)

Console junk, regardless of Wolverine.

The Good
It seems that Activision and Marvel don't like to fiddle around too much with what they consider is a working formula, because "Wolverine's Revenge" is quite simply Spider-Man without the webs, so to speak.

Taking the basic gameplay template for the original Spider-Man 3D games, Activison removed Spidey and co. and replaced them with Wolverine and the X-gang for their next game so as to cash in quickly on the "X2: X-Men United" movie phenomenon.

Using an original plot that manages to screw with both the movie and the comic's continuity, the game places you as everyone's favourite canadian mutant as he goes back to the Weapon X facilities and beyond in search for a cure to a nasty virus he was tagged with in the days of the Weapon X program and which has suddenly kicked in just now. The game's objective is thus to claw your way through levels filled with all sort of dangerous stormtroopers from both the Weapon X program and other different agencies, mutant hunters and whatever else crosses your way.

The focus for the game is on fighting these hordes as Wolvie, and thus the developers made sure to at least include somewhat different gameplay mechanics so as to make it a more unique experience. You have your basic punch and kick attacks (lifted right off from Spider-Man), but you can also extend your world-famous adamantium claws for extra damage. The downside is that doing so deactivates Logan's healing factor, so... claws or health? Decisions, decisions... The real meat of the game however, is in the "Strike" button which can be used when fighting multiple opponents and they position themselves in certain specific places (say one in front of you, another to the right and another from behind). When all the stars get aligned, you'll see a "Strike" sign, and if you press the button and follow it with some specific combos, you'll see Wolvie do a super-spectacular move where he strikes everyone in sight by jumping on their heads or doing a backflip and throwing someone around, etc... These Strikes are truly spectacular sights to behold and are the best reasons for you to do the mambo with the many enemies that cross your path in the game.

The Strike button also serves as a one-hit-kill stealth-attack when used in the game's stealth-optional sequences. These sequences are placed as optional paths to the completition of certain levels (often much more satisfying ones) and make use of Wolverine's other unique abilities such as his "senses" view mode which combines thermal vision and also makes "scents" and other much needed traces visible that help tell the difference between an alert guard and a possible "Strike" victim. Wolvie can also crouch to go by un-noticed, and he can also hug walls Solid-Snake style so as to snatch passing guards with minimum hassle. Your reward for playing it hush-hush instead of going berserk and slashing everything and everyone comes in the form of dog tags that allow you to unlock extras as well as more powerful Strikes, so it pays to be stealthy sometimes.

Speaking of extras, Activision also continues the trend from it's previous Marvel titles and includes a collection of alternate costumes, concept art, outtakes, bonus cutscenes, X-Men trivia, etc. Good stuff that at least enhances the value of the game.

The Bad
Extremely cheap and just plain mediocre graphics (Spider-Man 1-styled "cartoony" crap), laughably stupid plot (although the "oops" moment in the end is sort of funny), and extremely shitty console-bred camera-relative controls (which are really the same as in the Spider-Man games, but due to the game's different approach end up sucking ten times more) which end up throwing what could have been a great action game into the same bag as all the console trash that gets developed.

The worst failure in my opinion is however, the sense of disdain left over by the game from the fact that it eventually just leaves all the cool gimmicks and gameplay mechanics I described over there and by the end just crumbles into a shitty collection of puzzle boss-fights that leave all the sneaking/mutant bashing behind with the rest of the game. It may sound stupid to diss a game for what's essentially only 30% of it, but it's such a dumb move and closes the game on such a mediocre note that I can't help but bring it up (and the rest of the game, while moderately cool, isn't exactly the most groundbreaking experience ever).

The Bottom Line
Wolverine's revenge is basically yet another generic 3D action game that has it's share of cool gimmicks and interesting features, but fails to exploit them and make a solid game out of it, finally leaving you with a terribly sour aftertaste. Not to mention a hatred for anything that console gamers call "controls".

If you are really into Marvel related games and/or need to play every 3D action game ever made, then I would suggest playing it up until you face Juggernaut and then stop and pretend that it turned out to be a good game from that point on. Otherwise there are much better games out there to toy around with. Also make sure you have a trusty gamepad, as the game is damn near unplayable with a keyboard.

Windows · by Zovni (10503) · 2004


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