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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Game Chronicles (Jan 02, 2009)
I am making it my personal quest to get as many people to play, rent, and/or buy this game, especially as we start a new year of gaming. Legendary is a fantastic thrill ride that you won’t soon forget.
GameZone (Jan 02, 2009)
The game tells a compelling story, is loaded with exciting combat, and is chock full of memorable moments. It could have used a bit more polish in certain areas, true, but as an interactive summer blockbuster, Legendary delivers.
MS Xbox World (Nov 20, 2008)
Legendary is not trying to be clever, as far as I can tell and so if you’re looking for something less taxing, totally unrealistic, that appeals to your inner desire to just point and shoot, then I would recommend this game. If however you’re spoiled by the semi-realism of COD 4, and taxing tactics of more modern shooters (by design), then Legendary is perhaps going to appear quite unfulfilling and a step back from what you’re used to. There’s a solid game here with a splattering of claret coloured fun, but it’s not something universally appealing, unfortunately. Had this been released a few years ago, I’m sure it would have had far more of an appealing impact. Now excuse me whilst I go clean my clothes of festering werewolf hair – damn that stuff gets everywhere.
Gameplanet (Nov 03, 2008)
Legendary is a nice distraction from the predictable run-and-gun titles so prevalent at the moment, and its focus on the ancient past as a source for modern mayhem is commendable. It's a solid title that will appeal to many casual games, however ultimately will be unlikely to scoop many awards due to the relatively shallow combat mechanics and simple environmental interaction. It's a novel concept for a new IP, and one we hope Atari are keen to pursue with a sequel.
Official XBox Magazine (Nov 09, 2008)
So while it’s clearly modeled after a decade-old game-design recipe, Legendary nevertheless packs plenty of flavor into its spectacle-laden crust. With most Xbox gamers weaned on shooters that ape Halo’s gameplay and style (a game that’s seven years old itself), don’t be surprised if you find Legendary’s solid retro formula refreshing.
70 (Oct 30, 2008)
Wird Legendary seinem Namen gerecht und als Legende in seiner eigenen Zeit gefeiert werden? Schwerlich. Aber es bleibt etwas, dass man auch nicht unterschätzen sollte. Ein guter, ehrlich, gradliniger Shooter alter Schule mit ein paar neuen Tricks im Ärmel. Ein harter, mitunter unfairer zehn-Stunden-Trip, der Euch denkwürdige Momente, satte Action und einfach Ballerspaß anbietet. Wäre er nicht gelegentlich so ein Bullie und würde, was den weiteren Weg angeht, ein paar Freiheiten hier und da präsentieren, hätte es mehr sein können. Aber auch so sollten Actionfreunde einen Blick auf Legendary werfen. Sie sind zumindest gewohnt, dass in einem solchen Werk eine kohärente Story ein seltener und vor allem komplett optionaler Bestandteil ist. Und sie wissen auch, dass New York zerstört wird. Immer.
GameFocus (Dec 16, 2008)
When I first heard of Legendary I was honestly very excited for the concept of shooting mythological creatures and monsters with guns because it is a rare concept. The final product has me on the fence with is it a worth while game to recommend for first person shooter nuts like me, or to leave it be and forget you ever saw it. As a person who enjoys Clive Barker’s Jericho for its unique first person shooter story and gameplay mechanics I would say this is an easy rental. But if you do end up buying it this a game with flaws and very freaking fun.
PlayDevil (Dec 04, 2008)
"Legendary" is a great idea for a game, and has a cool storyline going for it, even if it is hampered by some pretty cheap voice acting and a very bland lead in Deckard. However, the base gameplay and graphics are solid, even if the style and design are pretty old-school. Unfortunately, the game is pretty short, and in the light of better games, not worth more than one playthrough, and multiplayer is totally dead. Therefore, for 6-8 hours for your money, Legendary is not great value. It's just a fun single player game, but don't expect anything more.
GameDaily (Nov 11, 2008)
Legendary will get lost in the shuffle this holiday season, which is sad because it's good. You play an art thief who unwittingly unleashes a mythological army on mankind by opening Pandora's Box. In order to close the box, you'll defeat both monsters and corporate soldiers. Its graphics don't impress, but still draw a bleak, apocalyptic picture. The first person shooting is somewhat enjoyable, with a combination of run-and-gun action and spiritual power-ups. (Our favorite scenario – beheading werewolves with an axe.) Still, it would've been nice to have more content. You'll complete Story Mode within a few hours, and multiplayer has one mode and four maps. That makes Legendary unworthy of its name.
TeamXbox (Nov 19, 2008)
Even the most jaded FPS fan should be engaged by werewolves feasting on rent-a-cops, griffons taking flight with taxi cabs in their talons, and skyscraper-sized golems stomping on civilians. Accept that Legendary won’t wow you with the gameplay polish of a budget-busting title, and you’ll likely have a good time fighting to shut Pandora’s precious package.
ZTGameDomain (Nov, 2008)
Everything about Legendary from the story to the set pieces screams epic proportions and honestly I really wanted to like the game a lot more. However, the small setbacks really take away from the experience and cause the game to go from legendary (pun highly intended) to just plain decent. The concepts, enemies and story make me hope for a sequel as long as the developers can fine tune all of the problems with the first game. There is a lot of hope buried under the surface and if they can manage to unleash it, the game could truly live up to its namesake.
GamingExcellence (Jan 23, 2009)
Legendary’s problems would be easily forgivable if the rest of the package came together well enough but it doesn’t. With only four different enemies to fight for most of the game (one is a second breed of Werewolf), a mostly useless selection of guns and annoying bosses paired up with a story that doesn’t go anywhere the game fumbles its execution totally. It’s even more infuriating to receive an ending that’s essentially a “to be continued” message. Luckily the price has dropped to make it a bargain bin title which is more of a comfortable fit for this game. You could do worse but you could also do much better in a year that’s seen a large number of excellent titles released in short order.
XBox Front (Dec 05, 2008)
Mit Legendary liefert Spark Unlimited zwar keinen Totalausfall, wie im Frühjahr mit „Turning Point: Fall of Liberty“ ab, aber dennoch gibt es für zukünftige Titel noch jede Menge zu verbessern. Zwar bietet das Spiel ein originelles Setting und eine mindestens so abwechslungsreiche Gegnerschar, aber auch diese kann nicht über die spielerischen wie technischen Defizite hinwegtäuschen. Gerade in puncto Gegner-KI und Interaktionsmöglichkeiten ist der Titel mehr als dürftig ausgefallen und hätte auch in Sachen Optik noch den letzten Feinschliff vertragen können. Insgesamt gesehen bekommt man für sein Geld bei weitem bessere Titel aus diesem Genre und sollte nur zu greifen, wenn man unbedingt einmal gegen mythologische Wesen jeglicher Art kämpfen möchte.
PTGamers (Oct 23, 2008)
Legendary é, como prevíamos, um FPS relativamente competente, com um original cenário de catástrofe mas com bases de jogo perfeitamente estabelecidas. A atmosfera e as criaturas são o seu ponto forte, a jogabilidade flutua entre o agradável e a decepção, e no final temos algo que merece uma espreitadela por parte dos apreciadores. Não traz nenhuma revolução ao género mas nunca foi essa a intenção, pelo que terá de ser visto como é - um tiro-neles simpático, ocasionalmente frustrante, que entretém até chegarem os grandes títulos de fim de ano.
Legendary is by no means awful — it’s just about as vanilla as first-person shooters get. It all wraps up with a completely unsatisfying “wait for the sequel” type cliffhanger. We’ll see.
Deeko (Nov 24, 2008)
Legendary isn't visually striking with what can be summed up as a brown and grey extravaganza, or even very polished. But what it lacks in any of that it makes up for in its creative freedom. Spark has produced a shooter that crams as many fun monsters and insane action packed scripted events as possible into one game and lets gamers shoot them to their hearts content, which makes it perfect for a weekend rental.
GamingXP (Nov 08, 2008)
Neben technischen Patzern im Bereich von Grafik und Sprachausgabe kann die an sich schöne Idee der neuen Geschichte rund um die Büchse der Pandora einfach nicht richtig zünden. Zu wenig scheint die Welt mit dem Spieler zu interagieren, zu steril kommt das Gameplay daher. Man kommt sich wie bei einem Film vor, den man aber nicht beeinflußen kann. Schade! Nur für echte Shooter-Fans, die einmal Mythologie hautnah erleben wollen, einen Blick wert ...
Legendary’s unique concept (mythical beasts running rampant over a modern metropolis) and flair for the dramatic lend the game more than a few memorable moments. I don’t doubt there is a great FPS to be made from the parts found in this title. Sadly, Legendary fails in the same way most mortal games do: poor execution. Much of the experience is a mess of pedestrian mission goals, sloppy targeting, annoying checkpoint problems, and ineffective weapons (it’s a bad sign when the best weapon in your shooter is an axe). The plot is boilerplate sci-fi drivel, but that doesn’t take away from some of the more grand set pieces – it’s amazing to see an enormous golem or griffon laying waste to the city. In many ways, it reminds me of Fracture — a great concept gone wrong.
58 (Dec 05, 2008)
Es gibt so viele Shooter auf dieser Welt! Hits wie Call of Duty 4, Epics indizierte Kettensägen-Serie oder Crysis zeigen, wie schön es sein kann, sich mit der Waffe im Anschlag durch ansehnliche Kulissen zu ballern. Das sind Titel, in deren Zusammenhang durchaus die Bezeichnung "legendär" fallen darf. Trotz des Namens trifft genau das bei Legendary leider nicht zu, denn dafür ist die Spielmechanik viel zu gewöhnlich und präsentiert sich technisch trotz Unreal-Power unter der Haube viel zu schwach. Über die lineare Levelstruktur mit überstrapazierten und lasch inszenierten Skript-Sequenzen könnte man noch genau so gut hinweg sehen wie über die immer gleichen Gegner, aber wenn sich dazu auch noch derbe Clippingfehler, Framerate-Einbrüche und teilweise heftige KI-Aussetzer hinzu gesellen, leidet der Spielspaß merklich.
DarkZero (Jan 24, 2009)
As I noted before, in the genre of FPS you’ve got to bring your A-game to be noticed. And apparently this team’s A-game was off flitting about in the land of make believe and fairies, receiving a warm consoling hug from the mythical creatures they envisioned for this game. The Minotaur says with his sad cow eyes glistening “Don’t worry guys, everything will be alright”, but the Minotaur knows it’s not going to be alright… it’s not going to be alright at all.
50 (Nov 06, 2008)
Legendary aurait pu sortir du lot si le background d'origine avait été correctement utilisé. Malheureusement il n'en est rien et hormis quelques affrontements sortant des sentiers battus, la progression dirigiste et la faible durée auront tôt fait de réduire le soft de Spark au rang de petit FPS assez quelconque.
Game Shark (Nov 04, 2008)
Legendary is a great idea on paper but unfortunately it doesn’t go the extra mile that is needed to make it special. The environments are visually appealing such as the streets of London and New York but are equally disappointing when it comes to the sewers and corridors you constantly find yourself in. The same goes with the battles with enemies. Impressive when you find yourself trying to not get smooshed by a golem made of cars the size of a skyscraper but oh so frustrating when you suddenly get dragged to your death by tentacles that appear from nowhere. Spark has made a better game this time around than its previous attempt but it still isn’t on par with the elite of the genre. In the end, Legendary is a cool idea wrapped inside an average shooter.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
While the gameplay found in Legendary is incredibly sloppy and repetitive, the game does get some things right. Boss battles such as the ones with the kraken and the junk golem are epic in scale and quite entertaining. Numerous scripted events add to the cinematic feel of the game and also serve to keep you alert at all times. However, neither of these things can make up for the game's fairly lame story, repetitive and annoying combat, poor hit detection, and completely minute and tacked-on multiplayer offering. There are just way too many better shooters available to make this game worth your time and money. If you choose to rent this title or find it in a bargain bin down the road, it can provide some cheap thrills, just don't expect a top-notch shooter by any means.
So go play all those other games that are making your top five/top ten this winter. But four months down the line, when you're looking for something cheap and dirty in the New Year sales, you could do a lot worse than Legendary.
Planet Xbox 360 (Dec 05, 2008)
The only reasoning I can see behind playing Legendary is to see the awe-inspired mythological creatures in action. Even the multiplayer is uninspired and feels constrained, so don’t expect greatness when you jump into Legendary as the entire package is insipid. Rather, expect something more the lines of a weekend rental that makes you want to rip your hair out.
GameLemon (May 07, 2009)
Some game critics would have you believe that this game is a terrible piece of trash and a disgrace to the genre (clearly not all critics played Corridor 7: Alien Invasion), but it's not. Legendary is by no means terrible. It's just not very good. In a legendary kind of way, of course.
The FPS market was fairly slim in 2008, but that doesn’t mean you should drop more than half a bill on Legendary. If you’re desperate enough, you’ll get a lengthy campaign, just be wary of the poor execution. Fact is, no one will remember this game in three months, and if they do, it won’t be for a good reason.
AceGamez (Nov, 2008)
Legendary had so much potential; it had a great idea at its core, a sturdy engine upon which to build and a console that could have handled almost anything that the developers threw at it. What we've ended up with is a shambles, a game that looks boring and plays badly - a game that feels as ancient as the mythical beasts that you must vanquish. There are the tiniest moments that shine through the dross, where you catch a glimpse at what Legendary could have been, but these moments are so far and few between that it's impossible to recommend it - with so many fantastic new releases that are demanding of your time and money, to spend either here would be a waste. Sadly, this game is Legendary by name but certainly not legendary by nature.
GameSpot (Nov 10, 2008)
Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Legendary is that it prepares you for a sequel, which in this case is less of a tantalizing tease than it is a full-on threat. Memorably, the game's lead designer apologizes in one of the Xbox Live achievement descriptions for giving another achievement such a cheesy name. Unfortunately, a game as bad as this one calls for more than just one apology.
Defunct Games (Jan 13, 2009)
Legendary is something of a marvel. While I've played a lot of terrible first-person shooters, I never realized that there would be one that missed the mark so completely. With its terrible graphics, horrible controls, lame gun play, stupid enemies, nonsensical story and broken checkpoint system, Legendary proves to be not just a bad FPS game, but also one of the worst games of the year!
GamersMark (Nov 29, 2008)
Playing Legendary, well, it’s like you’re seven-years-old, playing guns on the front lawn with a kid who keeps making rules up every time you try shoot him. BANG! "No, I have a force field." BANG! "No way! I dodged it!" The only difference is that you can’t tackle Legendary and punch its lights out, no matter how much you’ll want to.
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 12, 2008)
All things told, the game reeks of derivation. It lacks a brilliant streak, and while the odd set-piece is mildly entertaining, we’ve come to expect more in 2008. Even the most hardened fan of mystical mythos should search for their fix elsewhere, and FPS aficionados should resist the urge of a rental. Legendary is a poor first-person shooter; one that doesn’t even deserve a joke at its title’s expense.
1UP (Nov 11, 2008)
Inevitably, I think that's the reaction most gamers will have to Legendary, especially with so many fantastic alternatives available on every platform in the last two months alone. Aside from a couple of fun scenarios -- such as a hectic battle to take down a gigantic scrap golem in the ruins of New York -- nothing stands out as worth playing or even genuinely enjoyable. The slightly depressing moral of the story may be that big-action first-person shooters -- like blockbuster summer action films -- are simply no longer feasible without a gargantuan budget from a deep-pocketed publisher. Developers can try with everything they have to create something legendary, but without the cash to match, their project's bound to end up like this one: an obscure footnote to a truly epic season of impressive releases.
IGN (Nov 06, 2008)
Thanks to the premise of the game, Legendary could've been an interesting adventure with monsters, powers and the apocalypse as a backdrop. Unfortunately, the gameplay comes across as messy and incomplete, the arrangement of hazards and threats from monsters is ineffective at best and boring at worst. Plot points and development is practically nonexistent, and the standard shooter mechanics just fall flat. If you need a shooter, look elsewhere, because Legendary isn't close to what its namesake claims to be.
UOL Jogos (Nov 13, 2008)
"Legendary" é um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa que não tem o menor propósito, uma razão para existir. Apesar de partir de uma premissa interessante, consegue falhar em praticamente todos os outros aspectos, com uma mecânica sem graça, gráficos ultrapassados e nenhuma coesão. Não há nenhum motivo aparente para que fãs do gênero tentem experimentá-lo, ainda mais em uma época disputadíssima, com muitos concorrentes de qualidade infinitamente superior chegando ao mercado.
JeuxActu (Nov 21, 2008)
Spark Unlimited semble se spécialiser dans le FPS bas de gamme. Après un Turning Point : Fall of Liberty qui souffrait de tares totalement rédhibitoires, voici que le studio récidive avec ce Legendary qui porte clairement la griffe des développeurs. Linéaire, scripté, level-design peu inspiré, cet énième FPS à en plus le mauvais goût d’être mal réalisé. Le bestiaire, soit le peu d’originalité dont pouvait disposer ce titre, n’est par ailleurs pas plus convaincant que cela, et évoque davantage une mauvaise production du cinéma d’horreur que de majestueuses créatures tirées de la mythologie grecque. Bref, difficile de trouver quelque chose positif dans cette production qui n’a de légendaire que le nom.
Gamekult (Oct 31, 2008)
On s'y attendait un peu (beaucoup) depuis le fiasco Turning Point : Fall of Liberty et les développeurs de Spark Unlimited ne déçoivent pas leur public : Legendary est un très mauvais FPS, à quasiment tous les niveaux. Moche, linéaire, scripté jusqu'à la moelle et flanqué de combats mous et sans surprise, le titre ne dispose en fait que de son bestiaire relativement original dans le milieu pour le sauver des abimes infinies de la médiocrité. Comme quoi il ne suffit pas d'avoir un Call of Duty sur son C.V. et de s'offrir le très à la mode Unreal Engine d'Epic Games pour se justifier une vocation de développeurs de FPS, surtout après l'avalanche de titres de qualité à laquelle on a eu droit en fin d'année dernière sur quasiment toutes les plates-formes.
20 (UK) (Oct 31, 2008)
Legendary is the gaming equivalent of cheap supermarket own-brand beans, but instead of costing eleven pence it costs the same as a prime steak cooked by a top chef. It's a bad, bad game. One of the worst I've played on this generation of consoles, in fact. In that regard, at least, the title is surprisingly accurate.
Game Revolution (Feb 02, 2009)
Legendary is in the same league as Battlefield: Earth and Turok of how not to do something. How bad is this game you ask? It's Superman 64 bad. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but Legendary sucks more that a Hoover on overdrive. It's bad like ET for the 2600 bad. You might even say it's Legendarily bad. See what I did there? It was funny.
Gaming Nexus (Jan 05, 2009)
Legendary is something of a marvel. While I've played a lot of terrible first-person shooters, I never realized that there would be one that missed the mark so completely. With its terrible graphics, horrible controls, lame gun play, stupid enemies, nonsensical story and broken checkpoint system, Legendary proves to be not just a bad FPS game, but also one of the worst games of the year!