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Games in which you can shoot a taser stun gun. No stun batons nor non-firing taser/stun weapons - these will be rejected.

[Source: Condemned: Criminal Origins] [Source: Ready or Not]

Models and names are very flexible. Counter-Strike has historically named theirs the "Zeus x27". This sort of thing is fine as long as it is a firing stun gun/taser that can hit a target at some ranged distance. Cannot be melee stun only.

Merely featuring the weapon in the game, cutscene, or enemy's arsenal doesn't warrant its inclusion. It should only be part of the group if you, as the player, can actively use it. In tactical or strategy games with selectable weapons, inclusion should be based on the availability of the weapon to you or your squads, troops, or units. Additionally, if the game focuses on gunsmithing, blacksmithing, or assembly - submissions may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

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