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MDK (see the trivia section of the first game for possible meanings of this acronym) is a series of third-person shooters with light platforming and puzzle-solving elements. The series' main protagonist is the exosuit-equipped sniping janitor Kurt Hectic, who, together with his colleagues, the genius scientist Dr. Fluke Hawkins and the six-legged wonder robo-dog Max, has to rid Earth of alien invaders.

The first game, developed by Shiny Entertainment, featured, along with shooting and sniping sequences, humorously named, exotic gameplay devices that had to be frequently used to advance in the game. The sequel MDK 2 (2000), developed by BioWare Corporation, expanded upon the ideas of the original, adding Dr. Hawkins and Max as playable characters with their own gameplay styles, and emphasizing the puzzle-solving aspect.

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