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Genjin [Japanese 原人: "primitive man", aka. Bonk in the US] is a bald-headed, prehistoric caveman who loves to head-bump his foes.

PC Genjin is a series of platform games starring Genjin the Pithecanthropus Computerurus, which originated on the NEC PC Engine console — hence the name. After the original trilogy, various ports and sequels were released for the Nintendo consoles, and the game titles were adapted accordingly: FC Genjin on the Famicom, GB Genjin on the Game Boy and Chō Genjin ["Super Genjin"] 1 & 2 on the Super Famicom. A conversion of the first PC Genjin episode was released on the Amiga computer under the name BC Kid.

On the PC Engine, Hudson further developed two shooting games based on the same character: PC Denjin and CD Denjin [Japanese 電人: "electric man", aka. Zonk in the US].

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