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Cabal variants are games where the player simultaneously controls an on-screen hero and cross hairs. The hero may only move left or right to dodge bullets. In some cases the hero may be able to jump or duck. The crosshair can move all over the screen, and the player can use it to point and shoot at enemies. Cabal pioneered this type of game play.

In other shooters, the player's bullets may move along the screen and are capable of hitting any enemy or object that may stand in their path. In Cabal variants, the path of the bullets has no effect on the enemies; in some cases the player's bullets aren't even visible. The player only damages the targets that the cursor was pointing at while shooting.

To be more precise, Cabal-type shooter must have the following characteristics:

  • A main character is viewable in 3rd person, capable of only left and right directional movement
  • Additional maneuvers such as jumping or ducking are acceptable, moving forward or backward is not
  • Cross hairs must be visibly present throughout game play

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