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FAQ on grabbing screenshots for credits


FAQ on grabbing screenshots for credits


Following a detailed discussion among MobyGames contributors about the necessity of keeping screenshots of credits that you're all entering, we wanted to set up this FAQ.

It turns out that - while optional - it's fairly easy and highly preferred to upload screenshots of credits alongside your credit entry, so we can doublecheck. You can do this with freeware/shareware screenshot grabbing programs such as ShareX or IrfanView.

In particular, for ShareX:

To capture scrolling credits with ShareX, first determine how long it takes for a full screen to scroll by. You'll want to take screenshots just a little more frequently than that. Now, position the video at the beginning of the credits.

In ShareX, click Capture -> Auto capture.... Then under Region choose Custom region, then click Select region and draw a box around the YouTube video.

Set the Repeat time to the time you determined earlier and click Start. Now let the video play through until the credits are over, then click Stop. Now if you right-click one of the screenshots in the list and click Open -> Folder, you will see all the screenshots of the credits, which you may attach to your submission. Make sure there's a small amount of overlap between the images, or you may miss a credit. If there's not, then you can reduce the Repeat time and capture the credits again.

Alternately, for IrfanView:

For IrfanView, go to Options -> Capture/Screenshot... (or just press C). You'll see this window, just select "Automatic/timer delay" under "Capture Method" and set the time needed. For the "Capture area", you can select "Custom rectangle/region capture" and draw a rectangle around the YouTube video. [This image may help]</blockquote</b> [Thanks to Tracey Poff & Chirinea for help with this!]