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game cover GAME: Blizzard: Anthology (July 2000)
AKA: Blizzard The Legend, Blizzard Pack, Blizzard: Anthology - Platinová edice, Blizzard : La Légende
Windows (2000)
PERSON: Gordon Blizzard
Credited on 2 games, including Commander: Europe at War.
game cover GAME: Spelling Blizzard (1994)
Windows 3.x (1994), Macintosh (1994)
game cover GAME: Blizzard Pass (1986)
Commodore 64 (1986), ZX Spectrum (1986)
PERSON: Dave Blizzard
Credited on Disney Epic Mickey.
PERSON: Deanna Blizzard
Credited on Ghostrunner.
PERSON: Josef Blizzard
Credited on Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht.
PERSON: Zachary Blizzard
Credited on Maquette.
PERSON: Aiden Blizzard
developer photo PERSON: Anthony Rosbottom (AKA: The Blizzard)
Credited on 28 games, including Mortal Kombat II.
game cover GAME: Blizzard Arcade Collection (February 20, 2021)
Windows (2021), PlayStation 4 (2021), Xbox One (2021), Nintendo Switch (2021), Xbox Series (2021)
PERSON: David Blizard (AKA: Dave Blizard)
Credited on 10 games, including Dead Space.
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