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game cover GAME: THQ Classics (November 29, 2016)
Windows (2016)
game cover GAME: THQ Action Pack (November 26, 2008)
Windows (2008)
game cover GAME: THQ Collector Pack (November 26, 2008)
Windows (2008)
GAME: The Humble THQ Bundle (November 29, 2012)
Windows (2012)
THQ Inc. was a large developer and publisher of games. THQ (short for Toy Head-Quarters), was originally founded as Trinity Acquisition Corporation in New York (USA) in 1989. The company was reincorporated in Delaware in 1997 after the name had previously been changed to T.HQ, Inc. in 1991...
964 games documented, including Company of Heroes.
PERSON: Nguyen Thi Tho
Credited on 33 games, including Dragon Mania.
PERSON: Nguyen Thi Thu
Credited on 11 games, including Nioh 2.
PERSON: Dinh Thi Thu
Credited on 7 games, including Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
128 games documented, including Company of Heroes.
COMPANY: THQ Australia
29 games documented, including Company of Heroes.
Play THQ was a publishing division of THQ Inc. which published family friendly games. Its first public appearance was in early 2007 and it was probably closed in early 2012 after the failure of the uDraw drawing tablet for PS3/Xbox 360.
17 games documented, including Lock's Quest.
THQ Benelux, the Benelux division of THQ, Inc., was founded in September 2005. They're responsible for the countries' marketing budgets, localization, distribution and PR. They also distribute all Majesco titles for the region.
31 games documented, including Metro 2033.
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