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About Me:

About Mike, the approver:

Here are a couple of things you might want to know if I end up approving some of your submissions.

Before I start, please keep in mind that I'm just an approver; I cannot speak for MobyGames itself. What I'm writing here is not necessarily endorsed by MobyGames, it's just my own $0.02.

  1. If you have questions or comments about something you submit, please do not email me. The submission system lets you send comments to us. If you do that, all approvers will be able to see what you write, which is much more useful. If you email me, I'll have to manually relay that information to the others. Please only email me if you have something that's intended for me only.

  2. It might seem like approvers can be little bitches. Several people have complained about us nitpicking over details. But please keep in mind that MobyGames values quality of information over anything (which is probably something that sets it apart from similar websites). It does make a difference whether an old Amiga game requires 512KB or 1MB. There is a difference between "requires hard disk" and "can be installed on a hard disk". The Amiga's standard PAL resolution is 320x256, not 307x248.5.

Some people seem to be frustrated about our attention to detail, but it's worth it - we want to make sure that people can rely on what's on MobyGames. However, we value every single contribution since that's what the entire database is built upon.

That's it. More to come. Once again, this is my own take on things.

About Mike, the developer:

Here's My bio. I worked in games for 20 years, on titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, etc. Now I work at Google.

About Mike:

I'm me. I don't believe that people who don't know me care enough to find out more about me, but if you do, checking out my website would be a good start.