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Added description to Elemental: War of Magic · September 1st, 2010

Elemental: War of Magic is a turn-based, fantasy strategy game. The world in Elemental: War of Magic has been destroyed and it is up to you and other so called "channelers" to rebuild it with your magic abilities. The player is represented by a sovereign, which is a unit that can cast spells etc. because he/she is a channeler. You establish cities, research lost knowledge, harvest resources and build armies. There are also RPG elements that let you level up your sovereign and partake in quests.

The races in this game are not the standard fantasy races but are instead mostly different kinds of humans, separated into two factions, Kingdoms and Empires, where kingdoms are "good" and empires "evil". Your character can also get married to NPC heroes and have children, which later become heroes of their own and also successors to the throne in your kingdom.

Battles can be fought in tactical mode, which lets you control your units in turn based combat, or you can choose the easy way out and have the game auto resolve the battle for you. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Civilization series, and the game itself is meant to be the spiritual successor of the 1994 classic Master of Magic.

Elemental: War of Magic comes with a lot of modding tools and was created to be extremely mod-friendly.

Added description to Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard · September 25th, 2005

For a thousand years a powerful secret has rested safely in the world of Eberron. It is the Heart of Siberys, a source of limitless power. Three factions now are to decide its fate: The Order of the Flame, The Umbragen and the Lizardfolk.

A Dungeon & Dragons logo on the box cover often means there's an advanced RPG inside. Not this time, however. The game is a real-time strategy game mixed with a lot of roleplaying elements.

The RTS part is streamlined in a way that makes this game quite different to play from other such games. The city building part is a simplified; the player doesn't have to build worker units or manage the layout of a city. The resource gathering is taken care of by normal units or even the player's hero. The game has a surface level and an underground level. Above ground units are commanded as in any other RTS, but below ground it's more like a hack-'n'-slash dungeon-crawler. The D&D rules apply, and many of the artifacts and spells will be familiar to D&D fans.

In the single player campaign the player chooses from four heroes before each map, each one with different qualities, and they can be equipped with various items before each mission. During the campaign the hero completes quests and side quests in traditional RPG style. Once they are solved, the player gains experience points that can be spent on upgrading units.

The game also contains multiplayer support and a map editor.

Added description to F1 Manager · November 30th, 2004

Manage an F1 team from the 1999 season onwards. You are in control of every aspect of F1 managing, both at the office and on the circuit. You manage everything from sponsors, development, employees etc to testing, car assembly and pit stop strategies.

All tracks, sponsors, drivers, teams and employees have their real names and pictures in the game, adding to the realism factor.

At racing day, you have a variety of camera angles to choose to watch your drivers from, and you can even use the TV view that lets you view the race as it would look on TV. You also have a simple to use interface where you can manage pit stops and driver aggressiveness, and also watch stats on lap times, tire wear etc.

Added description to Etherlords II · November 23rd, 2003

Like its predecessor, Etherlords 2 is a turn-based strategy game, where the battle system is similar to collectible card games. The player the hero around an overland map, and when facing enemies a battle mode initiates. However, there is one big difference from the first game: the movement on the overland map is now performed in real-time.

In single-player mode it is possible to player either one duel or the entire campaign. There are four races available (Vitals, Kinets, Chaots and Synthets); unlike the previous game, each one of them has its own campaign. There is also a fifth campaign in which the player controls the mythical hero Diamanda.

Added description to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic · August 5th, 2003

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is a stand-alone expansion to Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne. Like its predecessors, is a turn-based strategy in a fantasy world.

In the campaign, a corrupt new empire led by the wizard Phobius, has launched an aggressive assault on the ancient races and all things magic. Meanwhile, an even greater evil in the form of hellish demons, breeds within its shadows. The wizard Merlin has been captured by the demons, but can still communicate with his old wizard friends. The player is cast as these wizards as they fight the human empire and the demons.

The main character is the Wizard, who most of the time stays in his wizard tower casting spells in his domain. He researches new spells and abilities and becomes more and more powerful as the game moves on.

One unique feature is the simultaneous turns mode, where all players move their units at the same time. For those that like it old-school, there's still a classic turns mode.

The changes compared to Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne are:

  • three new races: the Nomads, the Shadow Demons and the Syrons
  • one new unit for each race, with existing units rebalanced
  • a third level on the map - the Shadow world
  • several new structures
  • graphics renderer updated to use DirectX 8.1
  • improved AI
  • random map generator
  • improved map editor with modding tools and campaign editor
Added description to Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne · June 13th, 2002

Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne is about a young wizard named "Merlin". The world is unbalanced, and Merlin must fight against other powerful wizards to gain control of all the different Spheres of magic to bring back the balance.

This game is the sequel to the original Age of Wonders, released in 1999. It is a turn based strategy game, and is more like Master of Magic than Heroes of Might and Magic. Some new features in the game are the "Pioneer," which lets the player to build new cities, and the "Teleportation Gate" that allows units to teleport to any friendly city.

Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne is focused on magic. The leader is a powerful wizard, and for the most part of the game he stays in his "Wizard Tower," a powerful structure built in cities. This wizard has a certain range, or "Domain," in which he can cast his spells. To aid him are individual heroes, which can carry items and gain experience. There is also a wide variety of units to choose from, including the "Glutton" that can swallow his enemies whole, and the pretty "Nymph" that seduces her enemies.

Added description to Etherlords · December 20th, 2001

The lords of Chaos, Kinetics, Synthesis, and Vitality compete for dominance, each trying to possess ether, the world's governing force. The goal of each of these leaders is to defeat the current White Lord, the master of ether, and become the next White Lord of the realm.

Etherlords is a turn-based card strategy game set in a fantasy world. The player selects either the Kinet/Vital or the Chaot/Synthet campaign. The heroes in the game are the units the player moves around the strategic map, much like in Heroes of Might and Magic series. However, instead of having hordes of creatures following the hero, he/she is equipped with a deck of fifteen cards. With these cards the player can summon creatures and cast different spells.

In the beginning the player only has the standard set of cards available per race, but as different locations on the strategic map are captured, the player can buy new, more powerful cards. To buy cards the player needs resources, which can be simply picked up or acquired by capturing mines. Both the strategic map and the battlefield utilize 3D graphics.