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John Chamberlin @JOHNRKO007


Nude School Dating Sim (Windows)

Nice game, but screw up, and you'll pay.

The Good
There are many scenes in the game, all tie into the story of the game so there are no odd choices to be made, the answers do not switch on the play making it possible to have a FAQ made. You also get a nice variety of pictures of Alison Angel, both Dressed and Nude.

The Bad
There are over 70 Chapters in this game as said in the description, and if you mess up on a question at all in the game, you will have to restart from the beginning of the game which can be very frustrating, believe me. At some points you will think, that the answer will seem the most logical, but it turns out to be the wrong choice, like I said before frustrating.

The game has only two tracks of music in the game.

The one song is played entirely throughout the game, and the other song is played only at the end of the game.

The Bottom Line
This game is like a "choose your own adventure" type game without having the pleasure of having different endings (unless you call the so many different Game Over screens "endings")

The plot is that it's a new school year and you meet this girl named Sara (Played by Alison Angel), the object is to win her heart and have sex with her, throughout the game you will have to make Logical decisions, based on the current situations, settings, and mood.

Be careful, though. If you guess one question wrong at all in the game, you get a Game Over and have to start from the VERY BEGINNING.

You will also see various pics of Sara, in sexy clothes and naked as well, and there are two video clips which are awarded to you near the end of the game.

Overall the game is not bad at all, and it makes you use your brain for better questions rather then some silly quiz. So I would consider playing this game.

By John Chamberlin on April 16, 2009