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I must have been 9 or 10 when my father brought home our first digital calculator: big red LED's you could spell your name on. There were math games which spelled phrases on such calculators, though you might have to turn the calculator upside down to read a word.

In that context, you can understand why Radio Shack would be a place to hang out when the TRS-80 Model I appeared, to play Wumpus, Hammurabi, and Star Trek. When my dad brought home the Model I in 1979, complete with a dot matrix printer and a disk interface, this universe opened up. I cut my programming teeth typing in Creative Computing games, and with my teenage friends kept up with each new model of microcomputer, arguing about which was the best. When I got my hands on a 5 MB hard-drive (about the size of a box you'd pull hiking boots out of), I imagined myself as Alvin in The City and the Stars.

The truest use of a computer is to play games; crack open one of the oldies and see how this all started!