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Kyle Levesque @WillPlayAnythingOnce

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About Me

I got into this business with a NES, first game I played was Super Mario Bros. Yes, there are many who's tale starts the same way. I am not a hard-core, nor a collector, I'm just a guy with a lot of time on his hands. Want do you want me to do? Chop down some trees? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

My career peaked in my mid-teens, I'm on the down slide now, but still capable of cranking out a good review. It's funny, back when we were young and broke we imagined having collections numbering in the thousands as soon as we made more than 30k a year... Now I only buy games as impulse buys.

If you're a nostalgic bastard like me, and enjoy PC games, I'd really recommend Good Old Games (www.gog.com) as a place to go for great deals. It's not steam or D2D, but the prices are right and they give you soundtracks, manuals, wallpapers, and a whole bunch of other goodies along with the game. It's also DRM free.