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Deadlock: Planetary Conquest (Macintosh)

By Techademus on August 19, 2010

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime (Macintosh)

Simply the best remake ever made!

The Good
The remake improves the game in almost every way, the story makes more sense and everything has become more cinematic. The inclusion of actors other than the villain makes a world of difference. Seeing people walking around the World Science Centre as you try to avoid them truly makes it feel more realistic that hearing just talking, as in the original. The new scenes such as the Sub Chase in NORAD, a larger island in the Prehistoric era with more than one thing to do, the expanded Mars and World Science Centre don't just make the game feel longer, they make it feel real. Also the Globe in NORAD Delta now features my home city "Perth, Western Australia", it pleases me greatly they remember Australia, for this part anyway...

The Bad
It was annoying is that the discs are not that well laid out, meaning that disc-swapping is common. It is obvious the game was created for consoles, the game uses the arrow keys for movement and the Inventory and BioChip Panel are brought up by the ~ and * keys. Using the arrow keys for movement is okay, but the panels should be brought up by a mouse click, not a key. The music is good, but not the style it should be. Comparing the Original, Buried in Time and Legacy of Time, it sequels, each game was given its own flavour by the music being written by different composers in different styles. Pegasus Prime's music is now mostly in the style of Buried in Time, Orchestral as opposed to Electric, the game should of used the latter. Another aspect which is terrible is that the World Science Centre is in Australia and the only Australians are the computers, who sound like Americans putting on Australian accents. These are not convincing and they sound more like aussies from Queensland, not New South Wales. The symbol for World Unification also upsets me, it includes Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, but not Australia, how can we be left out, we're part of the world too!

The Bottom Line
Pegasus Prime certainly is an improvement over the original, I would of snapped it up in an instant if it was sold here in Australia, I'm sure some Europeans feels the same way. It is certainly worth it to but it, fellow Australians however should not expect Australia to feel like Australia.

By Techademus on October 7, 2009