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The first computer game that i ever played was pac-man on an old XT... and the first one to wow me was Zaxxon, with its 4 colours and isometric point of view...

Then i got an atari system and we had good fun with that, even though it was so old, we indians had a slow start. The next gaming system we had at home was a Media ( the indian version of the nintendo nes) and we played our system out.. Thought of getting a Sega.. but fortunately never did.

My reintroduction to computer games came with Woldf3D.. a friend and i would go home everyday after college and we managed to finish the whole game. Then Doom and Rise of the Triad took my fancy and i have been a fan of the 3D shooters ever since.
Another genre that i really like is the RTS and i remember my first experience with Warcraft... where i killed my own peons, not knowing what was going on.. and the same friend of mine managed to break my mouse playing it :) Then Warcraft 2 and C&C came along and i have tried to keep up with all the good RTS games ever since. Im also a big fan of adventure games tho i tend to get bogged down in the later stages.. i loved Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father..