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I've always been interested in books, music and computer games. I occasionally review games for other webzines, and frequent a fair few forums, though I haven't been so prolific in either recently thanks to exams and my upcoming GAP year in Australia, during which I'll be doing voluntary conservation work.

I'm an avid collector of 2D fighting games and "unique" titles, and a big fan of wargames and first-person shooters. I have no "favourite" games of all time, but I'd happily recommend the following titles to any and everyone - Bandits - Phoenix Rising, Blade Runner, Combat Mission - Beyond Overlord & Barbarossa to Berlin, Deus Ex, Guardian Heroes, Gun Metal, Little Big Adventure, NiGHTS: Into Dreams..., Rez, Rocky, Shenmue I & II... I could go on all day, but I think that's more than enough recommendations ;)