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Mageslayer (Windows)

By Exolon on June 29, 2001

Incubation: Time is Running Out (Windows)

By Exolon on May 9, 2001

Countdown to Doom (DOS)

By Exolon on May 8, 2001

Dink SmallWood (Windows)

By Exolon on May 5, 2001

Ooze: Creepy Nites (DOS)

By Exolon on May 5, 2001

Alien Logic (DOS)

The common question: Why i should sell my Pibber, Scragger and Beagres?

The Good
Alien Logic is no typical dungeonStomping-hack&slay-WhereIsTheStory RPG. Its a real world to explore with a quite complex Story. In addition to your main quest, there are also several mini quests to complete. The game is somewhat non-linear, and the completion of all quests are not required to achieve your final goal.

The Bad
Occasional game lock-ups (greatly improved with the patch to 1.02, but not totally corrected). I would have liked to have seen a greater variety of creatures (there were many NPC's, but only about five or six non-intelligent creatures to fight).The manual is not very well written and often confusing.

Character creation is to simple. You've only to name your character, there are no stats to divvy out (you essentially don't have any). During the game, the only statistics are injuries and your crystal weaving rate. I tend to games with a more complex character system (I actually LIKE the ‘Realm of Arkania‘ games). You don't eat, drink, or sleep and there is no concept of time, except that the town changes from night to day (but I never found anything closed).

The Bottom Line
The Story:

You are on the world of Jorune, a planet whose communications with Earth has been cut off for 3500 years. You are the last resident of your village (the others have been taken by the evil Red Shantha) and during the course of this game, you will attempt to discover the location of the Red Shantha, defeat him and rescue your fellow villagers.

Graphics, & Sound

The VGA-Graphic is good-looking, but the a little confusing: Side-View switch Top-Down-View switch back to Side-View. Sound effects are appropriate. Sound quality is good and the music is not bad.


Combat occurs in the side view mode in real-time. While the combat action itself is very simple to perform (combat occurs by clicking on the combat icon then pressing the right mouse button), getting the right strategy to defeat an opponent can be tricky.

By Exolon on May 5, 2001