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Location: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
About Me:

I have been a dedicated gamer for more than 20 years. I started with an ancient 8-bit computer (the "Pravets") and then had many wonderful years with a trusty 386.

I've always wanted to be a game designer one day. I even intended to study Computer Science in college, but my poor math skills made me reconsider this choice. My true strength is in writing, not coding.

The PC is my preferred gaming platform (DOS and Windows). The few console titles I have are mostly gifts from friends. I haven't touched them for years...

The genre I play the most is first-person shooters. I discovered DOOM in 1994 and I have been playing this non-stop since then. Several simpler real-time strategies have also caught my attention (e.g. the Command & Conquer series).

I am most interested in the games of id Software, Raven, Apogee (a.k.a. 3D Realms), Blizzard, Lucasarts, and Infocom.

I am especially fond of old DOS classics. The majority of my collection consists of such games (all of them released in or before the 1990's) and many of them require DosBox to run.

The oldest game I own is from the year 1980 - Zork I: The Great Underground Empire.

For more information - you can check my Have List(s).

Apart from gaming, another hobby of mine is writing. Over the years, I had written a bunch of short stories, and a few poems. I hope I can publish my own book some day. My favorite genre is science-fiction, probably because I grew up with Isaac Asimov's books.