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About Me:

I'm a sucker for storytelling. I'm convinced that a well-told bad story is much better than a poorly-told good story.

I have a great deal of respect for writers that can tell big, dramatic, serious-business stories but at the same time don't shy away from throwing a bit of lulz here and there. Any story that dares to not take itself too seriously scores a good deal of points in my book from the get-go.

I think gaming has an exciting potential for a totally new form of narrative, but only in recent years it's started to be properly exploited, looking for a method unique to games instead of shoehorning techniques from other media.

I'm a huge detractor of photorealism in gaming. To put it bluntly, I think this medium needs more artists and less graphics technicians. In the words of Oscar Wilde: “I fucking hate vulgar realism in gaming. The man who could render a photorealistic spade should be compelled to use a real one. It is the only thing he is fit for.”

Something like that, I'm quoting from memory.

My point is, Crysis will look outdated and even ridiculously awkward in a couple years, but Psychonauts will stand the test of time forever.

I have this insane, unexplainable love for Russian games (and by "Russian" I also mean the post-Soviet states). I don't know what it is, but I just seem to love them at first sight, almost unconditionally; even though more often than not they're universally hated.