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When I think back over the last 30 years there is one thing that has stayed consistent. My love of video games and testing my hand eye coordination and sometimes my intellect. I think back to the countless quarters I have spent at the arcade. I remember a bunch of hand held games that we would sneak into school. They were great portable fun even though they were just a few blinking lights. Then instead of spending the money one quarter at a time I saved and saved to bring the arcade excitement home. And there was always a bigger and better system just a few months away. And finally, the thing that fascinated me the most from school. The computer. It wasn't for just the office anymore. I can't calculate the money spent in arcades. I can look at my 51 video game systems and 900 plus cartridges and remember which ones came from yard sales and the ones that cost $30-$50 dollars. But I would bet that the amount of time I have spent having fun evens it all out.