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About Me:

Have a passion about documenting sciences and the preservation of the imagery related to the processes of the creation of retro/indie games. This documentation establishes historical and cultural bridges between the developer, the game, and the player/viewer/searcher. It's fundamental for the History of Videogames as part of the "Z"th Art.

Considers pixel art as a world of styles and aesthetics and a direct descendent of many forms of art in History, namely the mosaics. It's also a cultural transmission and a tribute to the History of Art.

Some other passions: Constructivism; Sience-Fiction; Palaeoanthropology; Panspermia; Cinema, Documentaries; Martial Arts; Philosophy; Graphic Novels; Soundtracks, Jazz, Renaissance, Ethnographic, bit-tune Music.

Plays as an amateur the Tuba in a Philharmonic Band, works in a Jazz Club in the heart of Lisbon. Worked in the National Museum of Archaeology in Belém. Is an ex-illustrator and a hibernating sketch artist.