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Stijn Daneels

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My name is Stijn Daneels. I live in Belgium and have been a passionate gamer since my childhood. In addition to gaming, my other interests include sports, reading, philosophy, chess, foreign languages and heavy metal music.

I work full time at Katoen Natie in Ghent as a logistic administrator. In other words, I take care of all the paperwork regarding all the deliveries that come and go and make sure everything is correctly received by the warehouse guys. I put great attention to detail and I carry on that philosophy through my reviewing style here on Mobygames.

In addition to reviewing games here I also host my own heavy metal webzine called the Belgian Metal Shredder. It features album reviews, interviews (more like real conversations than the cliché question-answer structure) and music videos.

Anyway, back to gaming. I've played a huge number of great games (and some pretty bad ones too) over the years. When it comes to reviewing, I'd much rather recommend the good games to people rather than warn them about the bad ones (optimism, I suppose). In my reviews, I want to give a through presentation about the game in question. Therefore, my reviews are much more than just saying this game rocks/sucks. I give a detailed, critical and (hopefully) both informative and entertaining view on the game in question so that by the end of my review, you know exactly what kind of game you can expect should you pick it up.

That's all I've got to say. Feel free to add me on steam:

Also, if you dig heavy metal, check out my website: